The Most Popular BBQ Food in Singapore

Street foods are an important aspect of Singapore culture. High-end restaurants and hawker centers are sprawling across the country with different kinds of foodstuff to offer. Locals rush to various hawker centers and food stalls to satisfy their cravings for tasty barbecue foods. The most popular BBQ foods include satay, otah, sambal stingray, sambal squid, and chicken wings.

Satay is a Southeast Asian BBQ food that is very popular in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, and Thailand. It is made of seasoned and grilled meat and served with sauce. Meat can be chicken, goat, beef, pork, or fish. It can also be tofu. Common types of BBQ satay include satay ayam or chicken satay, satay lembu or beef satay, satay perut or beef intestine, and satay babat or beef tripe.

Otak-otak, or locally known as otah, is fish meat and spices made into a cake. Traditionally, it is served fresh inside a banana leaf. Many often to buy otah in bulk from BBQ Singapore wholesale suppliers. You can eat it as it is or pair with bread or rice. Otah is prepared by mixing fish paste and spices including garlic, shallots, green garlic, chilli, and turmeric. Coconut milk is also added into it. Afterwards, the mixture is wrapped inside a banana leaf then steamed or grilled.

Sambal stingray is stingray in chilli paste. The wing part or flap of a stingray is perfect for this BBQ food because it holds the bulk of juicy flesh. In Singapore, a BBQ stingray’s flap is grilled and served with sambal sauce. It is made by combining various chilli and spices to complement the juicy flesh of the stingray.

This is a Malay dish that is popular among those who are seafood lovers. It is a barbecue food that consists of grilled squid and spicy sambal sauce. The chilli sambal sauce complements the squid’s chewy texture. When the squid is overly grilled, the chewy texture is lost. Therefore, it is very important to control the grilling so that the peculiar texture that makes the squid delicious is kept. The folks here love to eat BBQ sambal squid with warm rice.

Chicken wings are one of the most loved barbecue foods by everyone. A perfect BBQ chicken wing is tender and juicy, well-marinated, and grilled until golden brown. People usually squeeze lemon on top of the chicken wings to add flavor. They also dip them in spicy sauce to make it tastier.