Why Do You Work Long Hours?

There is nothing wrong if you work hard. In fact, the culture of Singaporeans is centred in hard work. Many people here spend most of their time in the office. That is productive but as time goes by, the stiff work environment makes many less and less productive.


What is the primary reason behind this? The reason is a no-brainer. Many people here work long hours. Why do you work long hours? Here are the motives:

1. You feel obliged to work late. Your boss will tell you that it is okay to go home but you cannot just leave him/her so you take long hours too. You feel obliged to work late because you do not want to leave a bad impression. You want your boss to think that you are enthusiastic about work.


2. You feel overburdened. When you are working for SMEs (Small Medium Enterprise), you tend to feel overburdened just to keep up with MNCs (Multi-National Companies). The truth is, six out of ten employees here in Singapore asserts that they are overworked.

3. Little to no incentive programs. If there are no incentive programs, employees tend to work hard to cover up everything. There are others who are only “passing the time” because they are not motivated leading to unproductivity.

That’s it. If you work long hours and you are unhappy, you have to remember your goals so you can endure everything. If you cannot revive the enthusiasm, look for other jobs. The important thing here is you find the efficiency to push through.