What You Need to Know About Dry Cleaning, Pick-up, and Delivery Services

When you have a busy schedule, a laundry service is great for getting your clothes cleaned quickly and professionally.

And because they’re complete with services such as uniform laundry cleaning and laundry delivery, you can be sure that you never have to worry about not getting your clothes on time.

Laundry Services
Whether you need a standard wash and fold treatment, have delicate clothes that need laundry for spa, or a quick spin on the coin-operated laundromat to wash towel stains, there’s a good chance you will need more than one (or even all) of these types of services.

You can also choose a dry cleaning service in Singapore if you need to dry clean spa uniforms, blazers or suit jackets. A special laundry service to iron clothes might also be requested if you have garments or formal shirts, blouses, and pants that you wish to smooth out after washing.

Laundry Pick-Up
Commercial laundry services can be a lifesaver if you don’t have enough time to do the washing or dry cleaning of clothes yourself because of hectic schedule. Same day dry cleaning is available if you need them as soon as possible.

The process of laundry pick up is straightforward. When your laundry is done, you will often receive a notification via text to pick it up yourself. However, you can also choose to have the laundry delivery services bring your laundry straight to your door for an extra fee.

Once your laundry is delivered to you, the laundry staff will carry out the following:
• Re-check the number of items;
• Issue your invoice with your contact info and the delivery date;
• 50 percent down payment

There are also a few options you can reach your laundromat service, such as calling, text, email, or even their own app which you can download for free.

The usual turnaround time is seven days, which is meant to suit people who follow a weekly cycle (this turnaround time may be less than that for those availing of express laundry).

But with a delivery service for your laundry, you can get your clean clothes faster and delivered straight to your doorstep, whether you need extensive dry cleaning or just clean towels to use the next day.

Membership Cards
Some 24 hour laundry in Singapore even have membership cards for cheaper dry cleaning price and more personalized services.

Be sure to talk to your chosen laundry service about their extra features and how you want your laundry to be done (they will also suggest the best laundry washing techniques for them), and whether you want them delivered to your doorstep or whether you want to pick them up yourself.

What are you waiting for? Call your laundromat services today!