Two Movies You Should Not Miss Out

Tickets to these two films that are set to hit Singapore cinemas on July 4 are expected to sell like pancakes. Make sure you get to watch them while they are still on the big screen.

Despicable Me 2

This animated comedy film for the family is the sequel of the movie that captivated not only young kids, but also those young at heart.

The plot centers on how Gru, together with his assistant Dr. Nefario, Margo, Edith, Agnes, and his minions will save the world. In this movie, Gru is no longer a villain and has a rather calm and unexciting new life. However, he takes an unexpected turn when Lucy Wilde and Silas Ramsbottom recruited him to the Anti-Villain League. He then discovers that a new villain, Eduardo, is on the loose.  Because he was once a villain, Silas wants him to help them fight Eduardo.

The Lone Ranger

This action-adventure film distributed by Walt Disney Pictures is sure to appeal to those who seek a fusion of cowboy action and humor.

In this film produced by the filmmaking team behind the epic Pirates of the Caribbean series, the famous masked hero is finally brought to life. Armie Hammer as John Reid and Johnny Depp as Tonto learn to work together in fighting against greed and corruption and in bringing justice in the American Old West, with Tonto narrating the untold stories that transformed John into a legend of justice. The film is filled with epic surprises and thrilling adventures that will surely make you love this movie.