Three Ways to Heal Emotional Scars

It’s hard to move on, no one can argue with that. When a relationship ends, there’s never any winner and every one hurts. But if things were not really working out in the first place, then perhaps it was all for the better that it ended soon. And the sooner you get over – and learn from – the experience, the better. Here’s how you can do that:

Replace Memories with New Experiences

Yes, it’s the right term to use for breaking your heart. Get rid of photos, text messages, emails and letters from your former lover. Looking at those will not help. You may also return, sell or completely throw away other items that remind you of him/her.

Listen to Happy, Feel-Good Music

Listen to songs that gives you good vibes and get you in the mood for dancing. Dancing, like other forms of exercise, produce endorphin, which is the hormone that makes us feel better. Avoid slow, sappy music, and especially ones you used to listen with your ex. Remember, it’s better to listen to popular, cookie-cutter tunes than to meaningful ones that only remind you of your bad past.

Make Peace with the Situation

Whatever lessons we have yet to learn, life always finds a way to teach us. Remember that this is only a phase. Get yourself busy and try your best to get up from loneliness. Treat it more as a learning experience than taking it as a mistake. There are reasons why some people don’t make it in your present and future, one of which is that you deserve better.