Things to Have to Live Over 100 Years Old








Nowadays, it is shocking if you have a family member who aged 100 years old and above. If there is, he is one of the few people who reach the age of 100.


While it is believed that it is because of their healthy lifestyle, many experts believe that people who reach 100 years old is said to have extraordinary powers. It’s funny but it’s intriguing. On the other hand, if you want to achieve this age, you perform the following:


  • Find some hobby: The more you enjoy life, the more you live longer. Exercise is a good hobby and it is proven to have good effects to out physique. Also, having a hobby will make your life happier than you expected which means – happy life equals to long life.
  • Floss your teeth: This is only a simple matter, you have no reason to skip this activity. Flossing is very simple. After you brush your teeth, you floss. In this way, you can lessen the risk of having stroke and heart failure.
  • Have a vacation: Giving yourself a break is also one way of eliminating stress. Plan a one-week vacation together with your family, your loved one or maybe your friends to discover many things. Stay in a place wherein it is far from the city.
  • Give yourself a good rest: Seven up to eight hours is the exact number of sleep. You should not go beyond or shorten your hours of sleep because it will ready affect your body. Having a quality sleep is giving yourself a healthy future.