The Era of Change

Girls should be loved by guys. However, there’s is always a time that people change. You may see him as a very good individual for about two years since you have started your relationship. But in the long run, he eventually changed attitude. He is easily distracted with your sweetness. He gets tired easily and cannot do the things that he is doing while you are at your fresh years.

couple picture

Actually, it is only a normal undertaking that every partner is going through. It may be the toughest part of your relationship but as time goes by, you will realize that it is just a lesson and a challenge that is needed to be passed. Everything in a relationship is a challenge. Like many businesses, relationships how also it’s up and down.


However, the good thing about here is that when you know how to get up from getting down, things will get simple and it will be a lot easier when you are at the top side of the wheel. Since most relationship fail because they can’t survive the challenge, understanding is the key to it. Basically, it is easy to say that you should understand who made your day bad but in reality, it is a very difficult one.

Understanding is aided by love because without love and you only consider to have understanding, your relationship will not work. You will only go back to what you are fighting which is not a good idea most especially when you are a married person. Therefore, when you marry a man, be sure that he has all the qualities that you like.