The Delightful Fish Head Curry of Singapore

The popular fish head curry of Singapore was a combination of Malay, Chinese and Indian influences. That is why it is the well-liked and the most favorite dish of every Singaporean as well as foreign visitors particularly food lovers. 


The original founders of the fish head curry are the Malayalee (a group of Indian from Kerala, South India) people. In the past years, they prepare it by stewing the fish head. They use the head of the ikan merah, a type of snapper fish. This food is a spicy curry added with vegetables along with sour tamarind – this is the remarkable taste of the curry.

For some people, they pair the curry with rice but for some, bread will do. In fact, you will be delighted once you tasted it gravy. One of the perfect way to taste this food is to consume its curry gravy up to its last elements. If you’ve never been much on spicy food, you’ll forget it once you have tasted the distinctive taste of the fish head curry of Singapore.

Curry Fish Head Chicken Wing 1

Indians prepare this dish together with rice, Indian pickles, pappadams and more. Actually, you can find Indians fish head curry at Little India. On the other hand, the Chinese preparation of this food is almost the same with the Indian manner. However, the only thing that is added are meat and vegetables. For delicious serving of the curry, visit McCullum Street and find the Ocean Fish Head Curry eatery.