The Bestselling Books of Today  


We want to read books because it nourishes our imagination at the same time feeding our mind with knowledge. For bookworms out there, the world is filled with endless books which should be read. There are indeed many books out there but there are a few that are famous. For the purposes of controversy and curiosity, reading famous books has become a part of the lives of ordinary people not just for bookworms.


Here are some bestselling books as of this time:

  • The Twilight Saga: The Twilight Saga is a romance novel. It has been accused of romanticizing abusive relationships. Many teens were drawn of the vampire-themed fantasy novels and don’t seem to comprehend the abusive relationship. Despite the critics of Stephanie Meyer, The Twilight Saga sold more than one hundred million copies worldwide. It did not end there because the novels were adapted into five motion pictures which grossed US$3 billion.
  • Fifty Shades of Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey is also a romance novel. According to some, there is a similarity of Fifty Shades of Grey with The Twilight Saga. The author is E.L. James and called “mommy porn” by some critics. Despite the critique, the trilogy sold one hundred twenty five million copies worldwide. The novel was also adapted into a motion picture and sold at least US$500 million.


  • Divergent: Divergent is quite different from The Hunger Games although there are some similarities. The author is Veronica Roth and it was also adapted into two motion pictures. So far, the books have been well received by readers and critics. It also sold millions of copies worldwide.
  • The Da Vinci Code: Dan Brown shook the foundations of Christianity by writing his book and his preface claiming that everything is accurate. The controversy made Brown a very wealthy man. The book was also adapted into motion pictures.

The good news is that these books are readily available here in Singapore. We can buy these books in bookstores or bookshops. It is not that expensive too! They are famous but it doesn’t mean that they are expensive.

If in this case we haven’t read the books mentioned above, we have to discover why it is a craze. Although it is kind of late to read The Twilight Saga or The Da Vinci Code because it is now more of a Fifty Shades and Divergent era.

No matter what we choose to read, the important thing here is it brings joy and nourishment to our mind and soul. Reading is more than seeing letters, we should understand the context. So, happy reading everyone! There’s a library full of books out there waiting to be read.