The Benefits of Placentophagy

You heard about mothers eating their own placenta because they believe that it has restorative powers. The eating or consuming of placenta is called placentophagy. Many mothers are considering this not only here in Singapore but around the world. Despite European Union’s bid to ban it, there are still mothers who continuously consume it for therapeutic purposes.


The mentioning of eating placenta to other people is enough to make their stomach churn. There are others that think placentophagy is synonymous to cannibalism. It is important that you respect their perspective about placentophagy but at this point, it would be a good thing if you know why some mothers consider it. So, what are the benefits of placentophagy?

  • Balance hormones: Placenta is believed to help balance your hormones.
  • Increase milk production: It is said that placenta can ease birth stress. It can also help in the contraction of mammary cells which is helpful in the ejecting of milk.
  • Release oxytocin: Believe it or not, placenta contains oxytocin that can make mothers happier. Mothers commonly face post-natal issues. If they do not overcome it, it can affect their relationship to their kids and the whole family. It is therefore important for mothers to stay happy after childbirth.


  • Hide traces of childbirth: In the wild, animals use placenta to hide traces of childbirth from other predators. Though humans do not need to face predators, there are others who testified that placenta hid traces of childbirth.
  • Increase pain tolerance: Studies show that animals (rats for example) that ingest placenta can increase their pain tolerance. In animals, placenta contains endogenous opioids (such as endorphin) that can increase pain tolerance if ingested.
  • Where it is now: Though studies are still conducted to prove the efficacy of placenta, it is a fact that some mothers consume it. You should know that in many cultures, it is okay to consume placenta. While there are others who believe that placenta can alleviate pregnancy complications and postpartum depression, there are some who believe that eating placenta is a taboo. Animals eat their placenta to get nutrition. Humans have plenty of nutrition so there is no point in consuming it.

Of course, here in Singapore there are no approved therapeutic claims for placenta pills. Human placenta is a common ingredient for certain Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM). According to TCM, dried human placenta can treat infertility, wasting diseases, impotence and other disorder.

If you happen to encounter placenta pills, it will be up to you if you ignore it or be open to its potential. Regardless of your choice, the important thing is you feel better.