The 3 Most Popular Fitness Centers in Singapore

Our bodies are indispensable therefore we have to take good care of it. A healthy lifestyle consisting of a healthy diet, adequate rest and regular exercise is very important to fight obesity, prevent risks of heart diseases and to keep ourselves in good shape.


Singaporeans are very watchful of their weight and very into the idea of a daily physical exercise. This is why we listed down some of the best fitness centers found in Singapore.

Fitness First

Fitness First is very popular to gym buffs because of their no up-front paying policy for the yearly gym membership. You can pay up the fee monthly by way of GIRO or using a credit card. The personal trainers are very accommodating to new members because they allow two free 30-minute fitness sessions in order for the members to get used to the rigorous work done when training.

California Fitness


California Fitness is prominent for their Jackie Chan martial arts classes that are for people who want to copy and learn Jackie Chan’s signature martial arts skills. For those interested, they also have a one-week free pass for guests in order for them to get a firsthand knowledge and experience of the services offered by the fitness center.

Amore Fitness

Amore Fitness is a fitness center specialized for the ladies. It’s a good gym center for women because Amore is concerned with the overall journey of women towards fitness. In this fitness center, women will feel comfortable and confident to work a sweat because the facilities are specialized for their needs. Amore is not only a fitness establishment. It also has a spa that offers body and facial treatments aimed to pamper women and make them feel more confident about themselves.