Spring Sightseeing

If there is something that we should learn from the changing season, it is to accept it and enjoy it while it is there because we might miss it when it is gone. Even if it is fall, we have to witness the changing leaves knowing that in the spring, all the colours will come back. Spring is almost in the corner and not all places experience changing seasons.

Brooklyn Heights

Here in Singapore, we only experience limited seasons. Some Singaporeans dream of experiencing winter or spring therefore they visit other countries. If in this case we want to see the beauty of spring season (specifically the beauty of cherry blossom), we have to look beyond our borders. Here are some beautiful places that we should consider to see the blooms of the ever-magnificent cherry blossoms:

  • Brooklyn: If we are in New York, we should definitely go to Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The garden nestles more than two hundred cherry trees with forty varieties. The trees were gifts of the Japanese subsequently after the World War I. Blooming is early March.
  • Seoul: If we want a place near Singapore, we have to go to Seoul. The best place to witness it is in Olympic Park. The best time to see the blossoms is mid-April.
  • Curitiba: Curitiba is in Brazil. The cherry blossoms were brought by Japanese migrants in Brazil. Good spots for sight-seeing include Tangua Park and the Botanic Garden. The trees bloom fully in the month of July.


  • Toyonaka: Sakura is a traditional pastime of Japanese to see the cherry blossom leaves fall. The best place to see the cherry blossom is Hattori Ryokuchi Arboretum with more than two thousand five hundred varieties.
  • Bonn: There are also cherry blossoms in Bonn, Germany. We can go to Cherry Blossom Avenue that bursts with flowers for more than two weeks every year.
  • Salem: There is also the blossoming in Salem, Oregon. The State Capitol Park boasts of the blossom even the lining in the Capitol Mall.
  • Osaka: Osaka is the home of more than five thousand varieties lining in Okawa River at the Sakuranomiya Park. The blooms will be witnessed early April every year.
  • Paris: If we are in Paris in spring time, we have to go to Parc du Champs de Mars and marvel over the blossoms and the shadow of the famous Eiffel Tower.

If we consider these places, it will entail cost of course but it will be worth it. If we cannot afford such luxury as of this time, we can always save for this perfect vacation. We can go to the nearest places like Seoul, Osaka and Toyonaka. We have to come there during their cherry blossom festival.