Singapore: 5 Surprising Facts about Pilates

Pilates is form of exercise that was established during the early beginning of the 20th century. It has become popular because there a lot of Pilate instructors see the amazing benefits of doing this exercise. Since this physical workout is new and not familiar to all, getting some fresh learning is a must. Here are the 5 facts that will amaze you about the Pilates exercise.


  • It’s a physical fitness program – not yoga

As what we have seen and heard through online advertisements that Pilates is a form of yoga. This is because is it just a system by itself – a system that focusing on the mental and physical health.

  • It requires equipment

In the past years, Pilate’s classes make use of chairs and tables to help achieve the desired body posture. Today, many people are using exercise balls, rollers, resistance bands and rotating disk. Most importantly, mat must always be present.


  • It requires in-depth focus

Basically, it will necessitate you to perform just a couple of slow moves. In Singapore and other countries around the globe, Pilates is according to the idea that proper execution of the routine is more important that the exercise itself.

  • It involves breathing

With proper breathing methods, Pilates will be very effective. By just simply breathing in and breathing out, stress and other physical pain will be eliminated.

  • It is not for all

Generally, Pilates is not suited for pregnant, overweight and people with serious medical ailments. However, with a physician’s prescription, Pilates will be applicable to everyone.