Shopping at Bugis Street

Looking for a place to get a good bargain? Then Bugis Street is the place to be!

Shopping at Bugis Street is getting an idea of how Singapore streetwear looks like. This outdoor street market located at Bugis Village is the country’s own style of Bangkok’s Chatuchak market. You can find a wide range of items here, from clothes to shoes and accessories.

Singapore Streetwear

Streetwear in Singapore is influenced by the trends from Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan and America. For ladies, body-conforming dresses, flowery maxi dresses, rompers and jumpers are the common street fashion statement. For guys, graphic tees and shorts define streetwear.

Accessories Craze

Budget fashionistas will definitely love shopping at Bugis Street where prices of merchandises are fairly reasonable. Prices can be as low as S$5 or less for accessories. It is common to see stalls that let you pick 3 accessories for the price of S$10.

When shopping, be sure that you bring with you enough cash since most shops will not accept credit cards. In Singapore, clothes for guys are generally more expensive than for ladies. However, you can really buy clothes, shoes and accessories at rock bottom prices at Bugis Street.


When to go here

Bugis Street is open daily until 11pm. The best day to go shopping in this open-air street market is during a weekday to avoid a crowd of shoppers that make aisles even narrower. Patience is truly a virtue when you shop at Bugis street, but don’t worry because hours of shopping will pay off as you head home happily with the best bargain.