Road to Recovery after Job Loss


In a competitive country like Singapore, it is quite challenging to immediately land another job after you have resigned, been laid off or terminated. Although it is natural for someone to feel worried and anxious about how to pay the bills, insurances and etc., one must stay optimistic and proactively work on her way to avoid falling into the holes of depression. Here are 5 helpful ways towards recovery:


  1. Reflect and resolve. This stage of your life will certainly test your inner strength and faith towards yourself and others. You might feel the need to move forward hurriedly and jump to your next job. Instead of doing that, try to dedicate ample time to reflect and pause about what recently caused the job loss.

You may come up with a list of what you love and hate about your previous job. Through this outline, you can vividly cherish the good memories from your former employer, recognize its contribution to your growth and consider everything as a valuable life lesson. If you realized that you’ve made some mistakes, make a pact with yourself never to do it again and protect your occupation.

  1. Relevant goals are keys to redeeming your self-satisfaction. It might be tempting to spend the entire day watching TV, surfing the web and liking all the Facebook status of your friends and etc., but as soon as you are ready, you should set daily goals for you to regain your self-satisfaction. Set tasks that could increase your potential in the job market. Take out your planner and set a realistic schedule for the day. Don’t forget to set atime for these daily essentials: prayer, exercise and on-time meals.


  1. Recite your mantra. A mantra is a motivating chant that empowers and reminds you that you have what it takes to be successful. It is true that when we have lost something in which we had invested so much of our time and energy (such as our jobs, relationships), we feel very troubled, even shattered into smithereens. Don’t let this temporary situation take control of your life. Instead, control your mindset by making your daily mantra. Itmay include a promise to take care of yourself no matter how bad the situation may be. At this period, when you feelisolated from your friends and workmates, stand strong and be your own cheer leader.


  1. Revamp yourself. It is an undeniable fact after that losing your job, you tend to be little lazy to the point of ignoring your physical appearance. In this case, try to stay attractive while you are looking for a job. Get a newhaircut, trim your eyebrows, or simply try to mix and match your clothes to see a new & stylish you. Do not forget to take care of yourself during this toughtime.Remember, looking good and feeling good increases your confidence and would attract future employers or clients too.


  1. Repackage your resume. Let go of the traditional format of merely listing your scholastic records and achievements. The trend today is to creatively present your ticket to work. Spend quality time in updating yourlist of trainings, certifications and others. You may customize your resumes depending on the position that you are applying for. Sorting your latest achievementsand titles and acknowledging your skills and talents while you are drafting your resume can also boost your self-esteem.As you do this, keep an invisible note to yourself saying: “I am enough & I am moving closer to my dream job.”