Presenting the 2015 Annual Global Prosperity Index  


Is Utopia for real? Utopia is just an imaginary concept referring to a place where social conditions, government and laws are perfect. Utopia is not real but there are some countries that come near to it. You have to acknowledge that some countries continue to make things better for their people and they deserve to be commended.


This is why The Legatum Institute conducts its annual Global Prosperity Index. The Index gives recognition to prosperous countries at the same time motivate others to follow their lead. The Legatum Institute did not just consider the money as a sign of prosperity, they also included eighty nine variables like employment rate, per capita gross domestic product, internet servers and many more.


These variables are then divided into eight sub-indexes like education, economy, governance, safety and security and personal freedom. There were about one hundred forty two countries included in the list. Here are the top countries:

  1. Norway: Still the number one most prosperous country in the world (actually for seven years in a row), Norway is way ahead of its league.
  2. Switzerland: Switzerland is the number two most prosperous country in the world (for three consecutive years actually). The nation topped the governance index.
  3. Denmark: Denmark is another wonder when it comes to education, governance and social-capita. Danes are proud of this because they climbed one notch from last year’s number four.
  4. New Zealand: The Kiwi life never fail to amaze us. In fact, New Zealand is the most prosperous non-European country. When it comes to social capital, they are the best.
  5. Sweden: Sweden is also blessed to be the number five most prosperous country in the world – one place up from last year’s number six. The country boasts of high levels of opportunity and entrepreneurship.
  6. Canada: Though it fell one place, Canada is still the nation where its citizens feel the highest levels of freedom.
  7. Australia: Australia remained untouched at number seven for three consecutive years now. Australia is considered with the finest education system in the world.
  8. Netherlands: Netherlands is one of the most prosperous countries at number eight. The country boasts of the best education as well as health.
  9. Finland: Last year, Finland was at number eight but because of its poor economy this year, it fell one place behind.
  10. Ireland: Ireland boasts of the best safety and security measures. In fact, it surpassed two places this year.

Singapore has a lot to learn from these countries being in the 17th spot.