Microwave’s Dilemma: To Put or Not to Put?  


You implore the help of many household appliances to make your lives easier and more convenient. There is nothing wrong if you rely on household appliances but sometimes, you have to realize that there are limitations. In the case of microwave, it is super-handy but it cannot possibly handle everything.


Many Singaporeans consider microwave because of its use. You only need to wait for few seconds or minute to make something edible – that is truly remarkable. With this, you want your microwave to live a long life but will it? It will not if you continue to abuse it and be ignorant about it. You have to remember that it cannot handle everything. There are some things that you cannot just put in there.

Here are some things that you should not put in the microwave:

  • Dry sponges: Sponges can harbour germs and bacteria. To kill germs and bacteria, we zap it in the microwave thinking that sponges can stand its heat. This somehow makes sense but it is not good for the microwave. You have to know that the sponges will catch fire if you let it sit inside the microwave. To avoid fire, why not buy new sponges instead?
  • Metal food containers: You have to remember that if metal food containers are microwaved, it can also catch fire. The best practice is to look for microwaveable plates instead of metal food containers.


  • Eggs with shell: There is nothing wrong if you cook eggs in the microwave provided that egg shells are not in the mix. Attempting a hard-boil egg in the microwave can create problems. If you let this happen, the egg will explode.
  • Plastic containers: Sometimes you just put anything directly at the microwave without thinking of its property. There is a tendency that ordinary plastic containers will melt if heated in the microwave. Unless it is labelled “microwave safe”, you have to spare it from the heat.
  • Foil: You believe that foils cannot do harm to your microwave. You should avoid using foil when microwaving because it can lead to sparks. However, there are specific microwaves that can tolerate foils. Reading the manual first won’t do you harm.

If you follow this, your microwave will last probably a lifetime. If you think that there is something wrong with it, you should consult your technician or service provider right away before misfortunes happen. There are many technicians spread across Singapore than can help you.