How to Choose a Professional Singapore Painting Company

There are many painting contractors in Singapore, and it is understandably hard to choose one you can entrust the painting of your home to. You are paying for the service and labour, you should not have to subject yourself to unnecessary fear or worry over a bad paint job. There have been stories of couples not wanting to get too involved in the painting process to avoid conflicts over certain bad paint jobs. This is why choosing a professional painting contractor is important. It would make you at ease while the workers are doing their job, and you can focus on your work instead of ‘baby-sitting’ their every move.


Professionalism is a key element in most businesses. Even though painting contractors are commonly perceived as not placing high importance on etiquette, those who do have an advantage in getting your business. Who does not prefer dealing with someone courteous and professional? Thus, take note of the details when choosing a Singapore painting service. Is the contractor businesslike and professionally dressed? He does not have to be dressed like a salesman, but being kempt and wearing a collar shirt speaks volumes. I’m sure you would feel slightly uneasy if your contractor wears paint-soiled jeans and a tshirt whenever you meet him, with messy hair. A dirty appearance could indicate a lack of care on the job.


The response of the company in getting back to your enquires also indicates how professional they are. Is he punctual in returning your phone calls and during appointments? Generally, is he interested in doing business with you? If the pace of the company in responding to you is slow, then there is little chance that it will improve when they get the deal. You are probably better off choosing another painting provider who is genuinely interested in doing your business, and who will treat you like a valued customer.


It is not easy to find a good Singapore painting contractor. There are gems in the industry though, so keep looking and asking around! It will pay off in the end!