How Environmental Degradation Contributes To Humanity’s Depression

As the world ages faster and is moving towards modernization, the environment is being compromised which now leads to a worsening condition of humanity. As we are gearing towards economic and commercial progress, the more we experience varied forms and incidences of environment-related catastrophe and sickness. Can this be already an alarm that everyone should already wake up form this deep slumber to be stewards of our mother nature? Before we provide with long term solutions, let us take a look at these aspects and points on how indeed, the deterioration of the environment destroys humanity per se.


  1. Environmental change is a threat to human health

As we are approaching the end of the decade, more sickness and epidemics are coming out. All from varied causes, mostly are pollution-related like polluted drinking water and smoke-filled houses and streets. According to the former director-general of World Health Organization, these illnesses can take away the life of a jumbo jet full of children every 30 minutes. That observation can only imply the immense effects of pollution to human health, which are, miserably, fatal.

  1. Worsening environment issues can put an end to the place we live in

You know how vital this blue planet in our existence is as human beings, for without this, life can never be conceivable. These times, all of us have been witnesses to most horrible incidences of natural calamities like typhoons, hurricanes, earthquakes, interminable flooding, as well as drought. Well, these all point to what we now have as “global warming.” When this will remain unsolved, then let us not hope for a longer existence of life here on earth.en-ce2

  1. Animals and other living organisms are critically affected

Like us humans, animals have this planet only as their permanent habitat. If in just a click of a second, this dwelling place suddenly exterminates, do you think, there can still be such things as “living organisms”? The depletion of ozone layer due to global warming directly affects these living organisms because of intense heat. Moreover, the forest, their natural habitat, is also affected. Because of prevalence of cutting of trees, also illegal logging and transforming this area into commercial lands can result to the extinction of these animals as they depend their survival on forest alone.

Life, as they say should be moving forward. It is good that developments and modernization are evident in the society nowadays, no issues with that. Only that, as we are heading towards progress, we should not miss out our accountabilities to still act as the stewards of nature. This should be in parallel relationship and direction. As we sail towards development, the environment should not also lose its presence; hence its essence. There is still time, we can still see a light of hope up there.