Engraved Engagement and Wedding Rings

The presentation of an engagement ring to a soon-to-be-bride has been in existence for centuries. It was the romans who introduced the use of platinum as a symbol of strength and permanence, while the Greek initiated the placing of the engagement ring on the left hand’s fourth finger, where the “vein of love” was believed to have resided.
Engraving rings with words have gained popularity in the modern years. Rings in simple silver and gold bands are accentuated with carvings of letters on the inner or outer surfaces. Engraving enhances the beauty of the ring and adds an element of lasting personalization to a meaningful jewelry purchase.


Choosing a Ring

For a true romantic lover, the tradition of searching for a proposal ring without the knowledge of the bride may be the only perfect option. The surprise element and the uniqueness of an engraved proposal ring will surely be the most unforgettable parts. Consider seeking the help of your sweetheart’s girl friends for inside information about the kind of ring from ling engagement ring for weddings in Singapore that your beloved would prefer. The information that will greatly help you in the process includes the ring size, material preference (gold, silver, platinum, titanium, etc.), and whether to have a simple or extravagant style.
For more practical couples, shopping together ensures that the engagement and wedding ring exactly reflects their personality and taste as a couple. This option can also help reduce the pressure and anxiety level for the guy who isn’t sure and have no idea how to choose the perfect engagement ring.

Costs of Engraving

Before, when ring engraving is done manually, it is considered a luxurious element to add to a wedding ring as it is very time-consuming and expensive. Fortunately, today, with the advent of computers and machines, engraving texts on rings have become much easier, thus, reducing the costs associated with it. Singapore jewelry stores typically charge per word, letter, or symbol, which usually range from $1 to $7.


Engraving Tips

Engraving is a permanent mark on the ring; therefore, extra caution when doing the process is required. First of all, double check the formatting and spelling of the words to be engraved on the wedding band. As much as possible, you want to keep the messages short and simple for quicker engraving process and easier readability. Moreover, ask your jeweler about the readability of the fonts you’re considering. Professional and skilled Singapore jewelers usually offer feedbacks about the perceived appearance of the finished product. Consider their advices to guarantee pleasing ring engraving results.

Common Engraving Messages

Options for ring engraving are countless, though it’s vital to keep in mind that the area where to engrave the text is very limited. Common engravings usually include the couple’s initials and significant dates. For some who want a more meaningful wedding ring messages, the following are just some of the most common choices:
• “Amor vincit omnia – love conquers all”
• “Amor meus – my love”
• “My heart is your forever”
• “Two hearts one soul”
• “Always and forever”
• “My one desire”
• “Never to part”
• “My heart”