Draft Master Plan 2013: North Region Development

The Draft Master Plan 2013 was released and it includes various developments in all parts of Singapore including the North side. With this, North Region will never be left behind. The Plan for the North Region will surely benefit many people. There are six areas of Draft Master Plan 2013 to include public space, recreation, identity, economy, connectivity and housing. The aim for the draft is to build a community where all people will be happy and comfortable.

The North Region covers a land area of 13,900 ha. The plans for the region cover public and private dwellings, nature areas and connectivity. The North Region comprises of the following areas:

  • Yishun 10 – Yishun 10 was Asia’s very first Cineplex. It opened in 1992 with ten movie theatres. The success of Yishun 10 have helped transform Singapore’s movie scene.cc854
  • The Causeway – All people know about the Causeway. It is the road linking Malaysia and Singapore. The construction was concluded in 1923. The Causeway is celebrating its 90 years of service this year.Singapore-Johor_Causeway
  • Sembawang Roads – There are many roads in Sembawang like the Wellingtom, Canberra and Gibraltar Roads. These roads were derived from the British warships, colonies and dockyards. This is not a question because Sembawang was a naval base of the British.   Figure 1

Other areas include Woodlands, Simpang, Sungei Kadut, Mandai and Kim Chu Kang. It is in this region that you will find the Raffles’ Banded Langur which is a monkey endemic in Singapore. You will also see the Cashin House and the State Cemetery.