Cusco’s Hidden Wonders  


If you want to travel, there are many places worth the time and effort but it is always good to visit ancient sites. Visiting ancient sites where empires once stood and witnessing how it still stand so strong and proud today will bring a different kind of feeling. There’s the Khmer Empire in Cambodia for a start. If you have been there, it is time that you consider Machu Picchu in Cusco, Peru.


So you decided to travel in Peru and witness the famous Inca site. Machu Picchu was built in 1450 at the pinnacle of Inca Empire. The construction is breath taking but it was abandoned one hundred years later because of the Spanish conquest. Machu Picchu features dramatic site and remarkable workmanship. This is the reason why many tourists seek it. The Inca capital is Cusco.

Once you get to Cusco, there is more to it than ruins. Machu Picchu is the highlight but when you are there, make sure that you also visit other attractions. Here are some attractions worth the visit:

  • Cathedral: Cusco is made famous because of the discovery of the ruins. If you are in the capital, make an effort to visit the Cusco Cathedral. The cathedral is in fact a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will be amazed of its richness – the altar is made of nine hundred pounds silver. Imagine that.
  • Lake Piuray: There is nothing more satisfying than a serene environment. If you are into kayaking, Lake Piuray offers so much more. The lake is located at eleven thousand feet. Before kayaking, the guides will encourage yoga sessions.
  • San Pedro Market: When you are in a new place, it is a must to sample their local and diverse food. Spending a morning at San Pedro Market can give you a taste of Cusco from vegetables to fruits. If you want, you can buy handmade crafts and other souvenirs. This is really immersing yourself in the culture.


  • Ollantaytambo: Ollantaytambo is one of Cusco’s towns. It is famous because it is an archaeological site and before heading to Machu Picchu, everyone explores the place. It is nestled in the Sacred Valley – where many Incans farmed. It is also known as the royal estate. You can have a pit stop here and take your time because the stairs are astounding and magnificent as they are.
  • Inca terraces: You can also visit the circular terraces. The terraces are in fact, one of Cusco’s most unique archaeological attractions.
  • Parador de Moray: Looking for restaurant is easy. Head to Parador de Moray and you’ll be delighted. The restaurant will serve you authentic cuisines. You will have enough food there.

Cusco is more than Machu Picchu. There are other hidden wonders that you can explore there. The most important thing is you enjoyed your travel and you immersed yourself in their culture. As much as possible, get guides so you will have background and they can explain everything. Before heading out, make sure that you arranged your trip from the accommodation, visa processing (if you need one) and tickets. Good luck on your travel!