Commuters Approve of the New Direct Bus Service

Many commuters approve the new City Service 651. The City Service 651 commences from Jurong West Avenue which passes at Ayer Rajah Expressway before finally making its way to the Marina Boulevard. Commuters admired its comfort and convenience. The new bus line shows that commuting is a fun experience.

If you are commuting every day, you should think of ways to be productive during the travel. This is to utilize your time well. Here are some suggestions that you can do during your commute:

Draw. If you like to draw, you can try to doodle while you are in the train or bus. You will surely not notice the time. You only need a notebook and a pencil. It is a good pastime.

Write. If you are into writing, you can also think and write in the train or bus. If you have a laptop, you can simply take it out and do your thing. If you want to write your ideas on the notebook, you can do so.

Read. If you are an avid reader, no one or nothing can stop you from reading your favourite book. If the train or bus provides newspaper and other magazines, you can read them.

Listen. You can listen to music or other audiobooks. If for example you want audiobooks on specific topics like language learning or cooking, you should secure it. While commuting, you are learning. That is a good deal.

Enjoy the Ride. In every journey, near or far, we are often told to enjoy the ride. You can observe people or you can look outside and see the beauty of the city.

There are people who would rather take the taxi because they despise buses and trains. Well it is up to them. Regardless of what you choose, the important thing is you arrived safely.