Behold the New Wonder

Are you fond of travelling? Aside from the sights and the scenic routes, you also enjoy the rooms and the accommodation. Travelling is really fun but it will become more interesting when the InterContinental Shimao Hotel opens. In the not so distant future, you will be amazed of this one of a kind hotel. The InterContinental Shimao Hotel will be nestled in the burrows of an abandoned quarry side outside Shanghai.



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The InterContinental Shimao Hotel is under the Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental. This Hotel is one of their flagship hotels located in Songjiang District which is near Shanghai. No expense will be spared because estimations show that the cost of building this Hotel will run up to US $730 million. Apart from giving the best accommodation, the Hotel will be set to accommodate recreational activities that will surely enliven the guests. This will become one of China’s biggest tourist attractions. The project started in 2007. SSPG (Shanghai Shimao Property Group) assumed the project.


The InterContinental Shimao Hotel will be considered as a five star hotel. Once this is finished, this will be considered an architecture feat. The construction will be undertaken by professionals famous in their fields. The architectural company Atkins will design the whole project with eco-friendly solutions in mind. The company also boasts of Burj Al-Arab. Atkins thinks about green roofing, artificial lake that can generate heating and electricity and many more.


Features and facilities

What will this hotel offer? InterContinental Shimao is a cave hotel. The Hotel will be 19 stories high with over 380 luxurious rooms. According to some reports, a night stay would typically cost you US $420. This hotel is unique because it will feature sports facility like bungee jumping and rock climbing. The guests will also enjoy other water sports with their artificial lake. Guests will also enjoy underwater restaurants, banquet hall, swimming pool and conference rooms.

Other cave hotels

Cave hotels defy architecture. It combines eco-friendly accommodation plus top-notch activities. Cave hotels are not new but there are cave hotels in other parts of the world. Are you familiar with the Les Hautes Roches in France? This was a monastery before it was built into a hotel. You should also check out the Cappadocia Hotel in Turkey. It does not end there. You should also look for the Caves in Jamaica.

This hotel will be truly remarkable once it is finished. Visiting China will never be the same with the coming of the new cave hotel.




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Go On Board on Singapore Cruises

In Asia, Singapore is one of the destinations that every cruise line passes. Geographically, Singapore is located at the center of Southeast Asia that is why cruise ships are stopping at the ports of the country. In fact, it has made the country as a famous travelling route for different cruise lines because there are a lot of attractions that can be seen and also, there are many charms that the country boasts.



As an entryway for the rest entire area, cruise ships going and/or entering Singapore waters will experience and personally see the beauty of the country’s rainforests, white sand beaches, colorful markets, tall structures and many more.

Once your ship stopped in this wonderful and heavenly place, you can eat and shop anywhere and anytime you like. Actually, you can visit vibrant places in the metro like Little India, Chinatown and more. For your food cravings, there are a lot of restaurants, food eateries and fast foods in the country. However, if you really want to enjoy your Singapore stop, you can tour around the city without having problem with people.


Indeed! Cruising in Singapore waters and stepping on the magnificent land of the Fine City is one remarkable experience. Its full-service rooms, cheap cruise and more are only few of the many advantages of cruising in Singapore. In fact, it will transform your ordinary vacation or holiday in to a cruise experience that you’ll never regret. Also, it will be a trip that you is worth remembering for a lifetime.



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The Best Places to See in Spring

Are you in love with the spring? Well this is the perfect time to get reunited with your favourite season. Here in Singapore, we only have two seasons but who said that you cannot experience summer? You can go outside of Singapore every once in a while and witness the grandeur of spring. Here are some places worth the visit:



Florence is in Italy. Many people consider this charming place because of its beauty. Florence will offer you different sights and scenes. You will see the culture and some cucina.

Mount Fuji

When you see Mount Fuji‘s iconic cherry blossom, you will be awed. In fact, you will think that it is only photoshoped. The magnificence of the mountain is attributed to the cherry blossom and the Pagodas.



Northumberland is a famous place in England. It is notable for its rolling hills with hints of red and green. Truly the place is remarkable in all of England.

New York

You will think that New York is bustling but you will be surprised that there is an oasis in between. If you visit New York, do not forget to visit Central Park and the Gapstow Bridge.

The Algarve

Many people think of Algrave as a summer destination. Families come together here to enjoy quality time. It is even considered by golfers. You should also know that it is a paradise come spring. You can visit Praiha da Rocha for instance. It is in Portugal.


Keukenhof is a place in Netherlands. Netherlands is famous for its flowers. Their flowers come in different colours and varieties. If you want to witness the magnificence of their flowers, try to go to bulbfields. You will surely enjoy the daffodils, tulips and hyacinths. - Copy


Hallerbos is a place in Belgium. Like Netherlands, Belgium is proud to offer their fields of flowers. Spring in Hallerbos is never boring. Bluebells is famous in Hallerbos.


Sognefjorden is in Norway. Sognefjorden is the largest inlet in Norway. The interesting fact is it is the third longest inlet in the world. You will be amazed to see the melting of the snow as it gives way to spring.


Hortobagy is in Hungary. You will like it because of the vastness of the plains. The plains feature flowers and grasslands which attracts many migratory birds.

That should do it. If you happen to know other places worth visiting, feel free to include that in your list. If you are decided, you have to make arrangements right away. The places mentioned above are outside of Singapore, you have to ensure that your travel is safe, smooth and successful.

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