The Advantages and Disadvantages of Fourth Telco  

At present, there are only three telecommunications company competing for the supremacy – SingTel, Starhub and M1. Now, there are companies that also want to get a slice of the cake. The companies include MyRepublic and OMGTel. These companies are pushing to be the fourth telco here in Singapore.


If we look at it closely, OMGTel appeals to many because of its credentials and backing from SMRT and CONSISTEL. So, what are the impacts of a fourth telco here?

  • Advantages: Without a doubt the presence of the fourth telco will force the other telcos to be more efficient and innovative. If the “big boys” will keep its present performance, the fourth telco will surely outwit them. We know what competition can do to companies.Anotheradvantage is that three telcos will push for better connectivity. The three telcos have weakness especially in tunnels and army camps. If a fourth telco license will be approved, the “big three” will have to improve their connectivity if they do not want to be left out.


  • Disadvantages: There are always disadvantages. Being the new entrant, the fourth telco is inexperienced. No matter its credentials and backing, they still need to prove something. There is always a risk of overspending to get their services up and running. To establish the fourthtelco’s market share, they will present attractive packages. After proving themselves, they will seek for more avenues to become more profitable and that is where additional fees and payments come in.

It is too early to say if the fourth telco will become successful or not. Let us wait and see.

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VoIP Advantages – Why Choosing Voice-Over IP Is Your Best Move

Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) was developed primarily to provide solution to costly international phone calls. In most countries, phone calls are quite expensive. Making a one-minute phone call to someone living halfway across the globe could cost as much as a five- or ten-minute voice call locally. Thankfully, VoIP is here to solve this pricey problem.


While people say that this modern method has a few drawbacks, same with many other technologies, the advantages of voice-over IP largely outweighs its disadvantages. Without further ado, let’s see its advantages and how it can improve our life and means of communication.

1. A Lot Cheaper

Perhaps, the most obvious thing about this method is its pleasurably cheap price. Compared to the Packet-Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), the conventional phone line, which charges you in every minute spent on the phone; VoIP only requires you to pay for your monthly Internet bill, regardless of how long each of your voice call is.

2. Calls Are for More Than Two Lines

On conventional phones, talking is only allowed between two persons. With voip singapore you can communicate with several people or create a whole group conference at once. VoIP compresses data packets, making room for more data transmission. As a result, more lines can be handled on a single access.

3. Abundance of Useful Features

Using voice-over IP means experiencing many of its useful features, therefore making your experience with the method rich and sophisticated, both personally and for your Singapore business. With your VoIP Singapore account, you can make calls from everywhere to anywhere in the world, equipping you for better call management. Some of its useful features include Voicemail, Contact Lists, Caller ID, and extra-virtual numbers.

4. More Than Just Voice Communication

As the name suggests, voice-over IP is based on the Internet Protocol, which is the underlying protocol of the Internet responsible for handling different media types. Other than voice, you can transfer videos, text, and images. For example, you can talk while sending files or showing yourself to the other line through a webcam.

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5. Portability of Work

Working in a company that use an extranet or intranet will allow you to access your office from anywhere through VoIP. It has made possible to work from home or anywhere you are as this technology allows you to remotely use the fax, voice, and data services of your workplace through intranet. The portability of voice-over IP technology is causing it to gain more popularity as today’s trend is pulled towards portability of commodities.

6. Efficient Use of Bandwidth

It’s a known fact that almost 50% of a voice communication is silence. Voice-over IP fills in the silent spaces with data so bandwidth usage of data communication is not wasted. In simpler terms, a person is not given a bandwidth when he’s not speaking, Moreover, VoIP Singapore has the ability to compress and remove redundancy in speech patterns, which add up to its efficiency.

7. Fax Over IP

Among the major problems of fax services through PSTN are the quality attenuation in the signals, expensive long distance services, and the incompatibility between two communicating machines. On the other hand, tax transmission with voice-over IP only uses a fax interface to compress and ensure the complete delivery of data.

8. Productive Software Development

Voice-over IP has the ability to combine different types of data and make signalling more robust, therefore making everything easier for software engineers to develop and deploy emerging software for data communication. Implementing VoIP software in servers and web browsers gives a more competitive and productive edge to customer service and e-commerce software.

Voice-over IP is definitely one of the best inventions in the field of communication. Business establishments and households in Singapore can now conveniently make calls from anywhere in the country to anywhere in the world without having to worry about sky-rocketing phone bill at the end of the month. Through this method, it’s much easier and more convenient to get in touch with loved ones and deal with colleagues and business partners.


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