Top Secrets of a Secretary


Relationship and career goals would oftentimes remind us of this maxim: Behind every successful man, there is a strong, wise and hardworking woman. Similarly, it is undeniable that behind every effective leader is a dedicated and motivated Secretary. As the demand for highly qualified Secretaries is significantly surging in Singapore, the incumbents should read on this revelation of secrets towards being the best Secretary your boss could ever ask for.


Observe, Then Serve

Observation and getting factual information about your boss and the organization is crucial in understanding your role as a Secretary. Be ready to match your working style with your immediate superior. If your boss arrives at 7:30 AM in an 8:00 AM meeting then you must arrive at 7:00 AM. Punctuality is a sign of diligence and competence. Notice your boss’ personality too, is he conservative or liberal?  Some secretaries fail to establish a harmonious relationship with their officeheadbecause their gestures, expressions and manner of dressing contradict with that of the former.  While in the process of knowing the company and your boss, render quality service by anticipating all the office needs and accomplishing the tasks on time.

Don’t wait—initiate

At times, you tend to be reluctant about how to go about your task and you might wait for your boss to lead you in every single step. While your boss is busy managing the company on a macro level, keep his job easier by taking the initiative and independently dealing with your responsibilities. It must be clear though that big decisions and bolder actions should merit an approval from your boss prior to execution. As soon as youestablish a good grasp of the mechanisms in theorganization, do not hesitate to propose for solutions to perennial problems. Being a Secretary doesn’t confine your skills and intelligence with the filing and color-coding of records.

Update and Innovate

Take courage in offering fresh ideas and innovation that would help update the functionality of the office system. Your boss will be delighted with innovations which could expedite the processes and cut the cost of the transactions. Maximize the softwares and apps to manage his appointments, office budget, correspondence and website if there is any.

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Maintain Confidentiality

Being a Secretary, you must be faithful to your vow of secrecy as you will be entrusted with the highly confidential matters in the company. Be cautious in handling them and always protect the files with codes and use other cautionary measures to prevent access from outsiders. Any leakage in the confidential records might hold you liable, vulnerable to law suits,monetary damages and harm the company and its constituents. Never fall in the trap of disclosing any of these confidential issues and records to your friends in the workplace.

Stand In For Your Boss

While your boss attends external seminars, conferences, conventions make his presence be felt by continuously working on the pending tasks. Keep him updated and openly communicate about the transactions at hand. You may draft letters and memorandum in his behalf, have it checked via e-mail, embed an electronic signature, and then send it to the recipients. This mechanism helps in beating deadlines and addressing urgent matters.

Other than using these top secrets to improve your performance, trust yourself that you got what it takes to be an efficient Secretary. You are a key player in an organization so enter the workplace as an enthusiastic and engaged employee.

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