Long Distance Relationship: 4 Tips to Make Them Work


Whether you met your beloved in a different city or your partner moved overseas for a job, long-distance relationship is a common situation. Unfortunately, not everyone who have been in this kind of relationship survived. In fact, most long-distance relationships failed to maintain it, and have broken up.


Why is that so? What could be the reasons and how can we make them work? If you and your beau happen to be miles and miles apart, here are some expert tips to ensure your log-distance relationship will prosper.

  1. Take Advantage of the Internet…

Phone calls can be very expensive for overseas calls. However, the good news is, even if your cellular plan doesn’t include unlimited long-distance calls, you have the Internet to communicate without the financial hurdle. Take advantage of Internet-based calling and messaging applications, such as Skype, Viber, Facetime and even Facebook.

  1. …But Also Use Other Modes of Communication

While you have the Internet for cheaper communication medium, it’s always heart-warming to receive a sweet text message from your beloved—especially when stuck in traffic or while in the middle of work. With so many obligations that you two have to fulfil on a daily basis, it’s easy to neglect the importance of communication. Using other modes of communication will keep you and your partner close despite being technically miles apart.

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  1. Choose Your Battle

Things will inevitably get in the way, so be prepared. Last-minute change of plans because of work or family will become a normal part of your lives. If your partner cancels a Skype date, don’t make it a huge deal (unless it becomes a regular behaviour). If he says something that upsets you, but it’s really not something to fuss about, you’ll benefit more if you just let it pass. If the next day it still bothers you, talk about it with your partner and deal with it in a mature and rational way.

  1. Beware of Jealousy

Jealousy is the most dangerous and threatening thing in every relationship, especially in long-distance relationships. When you lack trust and understanding for your partner, it can result to paranoia and frequent fights. Likewise, don’t give your partner a reason to be jealous. Be open and honest to your partner at all times. And as long as you’re communicating constantly and effectively, the jealousy is kept at bay.

Long distance relationships shouldn’t be viewed negatively. In fact, these relationships expose a great life lesson—it proves that loyalty, honesty, faithfulness, and love are vital ingredients for a long-lasting relationship.


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