Best Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Guy

Men’s accessories and fashion are often more expensive than your own – and perhaps you already bought him everything that you could possibly afford without going into the cheesy route. But now that his birthday is fast approaching, what better gift to give than something you personally made. With that in mind, we listed down some of the unique homemade gift ideas that will surely sweep your guy off his feet.

  1. Love Coupons

Perhaps one of the most cost-effective and creative homemade birthday gift you could give your beau are love coupons. These slips can range from a simple “hug voucher” to a “whatever you want coupon” applicable for a certain period of time. All that you need for this gift idea is a stack of cardboards, colourful pens, scissors and some sense of humour.

  1. Candy Jars

Got a guy who loves sweets? Then this homemade gift idea is perfect for you. The jar doesn’t necessarily have to only contain candies. You can actually fill it with any treat that your boyfriend loves. But some extra Hershey Kisses chocolate could be a nice incentive, especially if he’s currently away from home. Every Kisses can represent your own sweet kisses until you see each other again.

  1. Mix Tapes

Mix tapes are considered as one of the oldest gifts around, but it’s also touted as one of the most sentimental. Simply compile all your favourite songs together using a stop-and-record method. Also, don’t forget to provide a cassette player if your guy doesn’t have one. Trust us, he might see you as a dork for the gift, but he’ll also find you adorable for doing it.

  1. Cool Cufflinks

Every man should have a pair of cufflinks that best represents his personality and sense of style. You can reuse an old cufflink from your grandfather’s closet or from an antique store, and replace its main decoration with something that best suits your guy’s personality. Just be extra careful in using a glue-gun as it can easily burn your fingers.

  1. Birthday Cake

What better way to celebrate his day than with a homemade birthday cake? Purchasing a cake can be quite expensive, and it’ll certainly take the uniqueness out of your creation. Just remember to read the baking instructions careful, get all the right supplies ready and create something that your man will, without a doubt, fall in love with.

Coming up with a personalized birthday gift idea might take some extra time and planning, but it’s all worth it in the end. Remember that as long as you made it with love, and you have a guy who’s not only interest in designer labels, he’ll see you as the best girlfriend ever for another whole year.

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How to Survive Quarter-Life Crises


Reflect now and decide whether you are in the right place or not. If there is a “nagging sense of falsity”, then you are definitely suffering from quarter-life crisis. According to the recent study conducted by the International Journal of Behavioural Development, about 49% of women have reported ‘crises in their 20’s and 39% for men.


If you ever feel alone and stuck, do not worry because it is perfectly normal. What’s not normal is not getting through with it and still enduring it for the longest time. You cannot be lost forever. If you just look deeply, you will surely find your way. Many Singaporeans should now that quarter-life crises are normal and they should not be ashamed about it.

You owe it to yourself to be happy and be in the right place. It is time to stop floundering. You have to survive whatever crisis you are in to be at peace with yourself and finally be happy. Here are some steps on surviving quarter-life crises:

  • Disengage from default direction: Many people try to convince their selves that they are not lost thereby following one vague path. The path can be set before you by a parent or guardian. You blindly follow it thinking that it is best – this is called default direction. To be happy, you have to disengage from that direction and find your own road less travelled by.


  • Remain calm: When you finally realized that you are lost, there is a tendency that you will over react, freak out or panic. You have to remember that anxiety will only aggravate the situation. When you suffer from emotional arousal (like dread, fear and distress), your thoughts will usually scatter in irrelevant directions. This will keep you from solving even the simplest problems. Some people chase other paths right away and that is not effective.


  • Find baseline: Without baseline, you will surely get lost because you have to context to work with. A trail is easy if you find the baseline. Hikers always mark their baseline and put things along the way so they can always find it. Start by deciding what you love most or what you are good at.


  • Design your action plan: There is no one in this world more capable than you. You have to design your action plan and make sure to execute it. Do not expect for a “search party” to bring you home whenever you are lost. Always find the things that work for you and embrace responsibility. Do not rely on the people around you to direct your path.


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