Other Investments We Should Not Consider  


We want to invest in something so that when the time comes, we can benefit from it. Investing is hard especially if we are new to this. It is perfectly normal if at first we do not know what to invest in but the crucial thing here is making the right choice at the end of the day.


We have financial planners out there that can help us make better decisions. If we ask them, they will agree that there are investments that we should not consider. Here are other investments that we should never consider:

  • Art: We are art patrons but it doesn’t mean to purchase the most expensive artworks in the market especially if we are just starting out – unless purchasing art and selling it is our income generator. However, if we are not into art, there is no use going to auctions and securing one especially if we do not understand it.


  • Wine: If wine is our passion, we have to consider investing on it no matter the complexity but if it is not, we just stick on drinking it. Wines are pretty expensive investment since we still have to consider the insurance, storage and other papers.
  • Overseas properties: For average Singaporeans, overseas properties are not considered. Unless we are knowledgeable about the inner workings of overseas properties, we should never consider it. There are only a few people who are satisfied of their overseas properties thus it is not for everyone.

Now that we are aware, we have to think thoroughly. We have to start small and work our way up. Most importantly, we should be aware that investing is a risk.


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