What Triggers Bad Mood?

When you are not in the mood, everything seems to be wrong. You should know how to handle it because it can affect your work and family relationships. Before learning how to handle it, it is imperative that you know what triggers it so you can do something about it. You will learn the triggering factors in a while.


There are many things here in Singapore that can destroy your mood. At the end of this article, you should be able to identify what triggers your bad mood. Here are some things that surprisingly put you in a bad mood:

  • Food intolerance: Believe it or not your food intolerance can affect your mood. Food intolerance is linked to abdominal pain, nausea and other physical conditions. It can also affect your mood which will eventually lead to aggression or aggression. It is important that you note the foods you eat and eventually identify the link.
  • Promotion: Many Singaporeans dream of promotion but they should know well before accepting the position. A study from University of Warwick revealed that promotion can lead to suffering and mental strains rather than improving the life of its workers.


  • Nutrient deficiencies: Remember the famous adage “you are what you eat”? What you eat can surely affect your mood. If you have vitamin B, D and Omega 3 fatty acid deficiencies, you will feel anxious and depressed leading to mood swings. It is safe to say that your diet can either improve your feelings or worsen you.
  • Friends: Yes, spending time with friends can boost mood but it will depend on the situation and their mood as well. Positive or negative moods are contagious. It can easily be passed from one person to another. If you do not feel like meeting your friends, do not.
  • Sleepless nights: It is not a question that sleepless night can affect your mood. It is crucial that you get the sleep you deserve.

If you think there are other triggers that are not listed here, feel free to discover it. If you are able to identify what triggers your bad mood, you can now proceed to the more serious part – doing something about it. If for example you learned that your friends trigger your mood, you should avoid them for a while.

If despite the effort you still cannot control your mood, it is time to seek for professional help. There are many specialists here in Singapore that can help you with your mood. You have to seek for help as early as now so it will not lead to depression and other unpleasant emotions.

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