Tips for Effective Communication in the Family


Keeping an effective communication is important for any happy and well-balanced Singaporean family. One shouldn’t think of communication as just verbal exchange. Communication includes other means such as through physical expressions, gestures, and even one’s facial expressions. Effectively communicating lets every members of the family know how much they are loved, respected, and cared. It is also through good communication that every member would be able to express their needs, wants, and desires. Ineffective communication can wreck havoc to peace and even hurt a loved one’s emotion. Here are some tips for effective communication in the family:


Prioritize preference over a set of rules and regulations

Your home should be each family member’s sanctuary where they can freely express themselves knowing that they will be loved and accepted for who they are instead of criticized and humiliated. It is then important to create an environment where the members of the family can communicate their thoughts and preferences. Your communication should be centered on this and not merely on correcting a behavior and strictly implementing house rules.

Use positive words

Observe positive words and means of communicating with family members. You should make it a point to rule out the use of sarcasm, negative comments, ridicule, and humiliating remarks in the four corners of your home. This would create a positive healthy environment as well as build up positive, confident, and supportive individuals in your family.

Woman and young girl in kitchen with laptop and paperwork smilin

Use other means of expression

Utilize other means of expressing yourself by using other mediums of communication. Bear in mind that love has different languages such as words, touch, quality time, gift, and service. You’ll build a happy and well-balanced family life if you make use of these different love languages as much as possible at home. Be there for your family members. Show affection by hugging and kissing. Give surprise gifts no matter how small it may be. Do acts of kindness for loved ones.

Be clear with what you mean

Miscommunication is when you’re misinterpreted because you were not able to be clear and precise with what you meant. Remember that you can say anything you want as long as you say it with respect. Most of the times it’s not really what you say but it’s how you say it, too. So make sure that you’re able to express yourself in a gentle loving manner while clearly being clear and precise.


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