The Right Intake of Food

A lot of people say that eating the right food will make you healthier than other people. Some people also say that exercising also makes an individual’s health better. All foods are not equal. Some are good while some are bad. However, even if you say that it is a good food, you cannot exceed the amount of that food you take because if you eat too much of it, you will get ill. On the other hand, this would also happen when you eat bad foods.


The only difference is that you have to take an exact amount of food so that you will not be sick. Once you are not following the correct way or you are not selecting the food you eat. What are the correct foods? You are the ones who will choose the food you eat whether you it is good or bad. Therefore, you are the one to be blamed when something bad happen to your body. It is really a hard task to select a food to eat most especially if you have so many illnesses or have allergies on food.

Beautiful Young Woman choosing between Fruits and Sweets

Most of the time, we tend to choose foods that can only make us sick like chocolates. Indeed, it is very sweet but the consequence of eating a large amount of it will make you suffer from diabetes. Another is that when you eat fatty foods like pig meat. That is a food that is rich in fats and is very hard to resist. Whenever this good is in your table or not, you have to get rid of it.


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The Delightful Fish Head Curry of Singapore

The popular fish head curry of Singapore was a combination of Malay, Chinese and Indian influences. That is why it is the well-liked and the most favorite dish of every Singaporean as well as foreign visitors particularly food lovers. 


The original founders of the fish head curry are the Malayalee (a group of Indian from Kerala, South India) people. In the past years, they prepare it by stewing the fish head. They use the head of the ikan merah, a type of snapper fish. This food is a spicy curry added with vegetables along with sour tamarind – this is the remarkable taste of the curry.

For some people, they pair the curry with rice but for some, bread will do. In fact, you will be delighted once you tasted it gravy. One of the perfect way to taste this food is to consume its curry gravy up to its last elements. If you’ve never been much on spicy food, you’ll forget it once you have tasted the distinctive taste of the fish head curry of Singapore.

Curry Fish Head Chicken Wing 1

Indians prepare this dish together with rice, Indian pickles, pappadams and more. Actually, you can find Indians fish head curry at Little India. On the other hand, the Chinese preparation of this food is almost the same with the Indian manner. However, the only thing that is added are meat and vegetables. For delicious serving of the curry, visit McCullum Street and find the Ocean Fish Head Curry eatery.



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The Malayan Taste in Singapore

One of the things that Singapore can boast is their unique and delectable cuisines that comes from different groups that has been to the country. One of these are the Malaya. They have once conquered Singapore. Because of their invasion in the islands of Singapore, this has led to the creation of delightful delicacies that almost all Singaporeans as well as tourists love.


Malay cuisine is famous because of its one-of-a-kind flavor and fragrant smell of their herbs and spices such as lemon grass, ginger, garlic, shallots, curry leaves, chilies and many more? Not only that Malay dishes are the one the will satisfy your cravings.

At any food house in Singapore, you can find a number of Malay stall that sold a variety of Malay cuisines. You can taste the flavorful taste of their pork meat, chicken and vegetables (all served with rice). Also, you can visit one of the best Malay restaurants in the metro. This is Carousel – a halal (foods that can be consumed by our Muslim brothers and sisters) restaurant that is located at the heart of the city. To add, you can also visit and dine at Soto Ayam. This is where the spiced chicken and savor the taste of their chicken, beef and lamb dishes that is served with peanut sauce, cucumbers and onions.


Another trademark cuisine of the Malays is the nasi lemak. This one is made of beef chunks that is packed in a banana leaf served with herbs and spices. Other Malay dishes include belachan, cendol (dessert), ice kachang and many more.


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Welcoming the World Gourmet Summit

Calling out gourmands out there! Let us welcome the World Gourmet Summit this year. Singapore is notable for its different socio-cultural backgrounds. Despite the differences, there is one thing that binds everyone here in Singapore – food. There is nothing wrong if you appreciate and you are fond of food. In line with this, you will surely enjoy the World Gourmet Summit.


So, what is the summit all about? If this is not your first time to encounter the word, you know what will transpire during the event but if it is your first time to hear this, you should look forward to it. Here are the things that you should know about this notable event:

The background of the event

The World Gourmet Summit is an annual event here in Singapore. This event is notable because many people join and participate. In fact, you will be glad to know that famous chefs are joining the said event. The best thing about this event is it is held in fine dining restaurants throughout the city. The event emphasizes fine cuisine. The goal of this event is to give gourmands the chance to plunge themselves in the finest cuisines in the world.

The time and date of the event

If you are interested, the next concern would be the time and the date of the event. The festival is divided into many days from March to April. You have no reasons not to come because you are given plenty times. It will start on March 26, 2014 at 9am. There is another session on March 27, 28, 29,30 and 31 at 9am. As it is not enough, the festival will stretch until April 5, 2014.


The venue of the event, restrictions and ticket information

The venue is not hard to locate. You should head to A La Carte Productions. It is found at 7 Jalan Kilang, Bukit Merah. You can take a cab or you can simply commute. You have to remember that there is no restriction. All ages are welcome to join the festival. For ticket information, you can call directly the ticketing office at 6377-6016.

You are not a gourmand if you do not consider this event. You will surely get many things out of this event. What are you waiting for? You should book your ticket right away and get ready to be amazed. You will surely learn many things that you can apply when you try to make something. Besides the learning, you should have fun. Good luck!


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