Here’s Why More Women Should Lift Weights

You’ve been doing a lot of exercise lately and finally, you see some visible changes! As the days go by that you stop exercising, you notice that you’re starting to gain weight again. “I’ve done a lot of cardio already, why am I still gaining fat?” If you’re running out of options and your daily morning jog isn’t cutting it anymore, weight training should be your best bet. But then again, most women would turn away from the dumbbells and it is pretty understandable. But there really are a lot of benefits and this article will hopefully convince you so.

You really won’t bulk up

The biggest assumption women make when it comes to lifting weights is that they’ll look too big and muscular when they lift weights. This is actually a grave misconception only brought about by the sight of actual men lifting weights. But actually, women won’t bulk up like men simply because they don’t have as much testosterone which is one of the main factors for muscular growth. That means you’ll have muscles that look toned but not big and bulging. And this, of course, can help you achieve a slimmer look.

Strength training can improve your weight loss efforts

Although cardio is still the superior calorie-burning exercise, lifting weights also has it’s own advantages when it comes to fat-loss. For one, while you burn calories, you also build muscle. Earlier we used an example of how when you stop exercising, you start to gain weight again. The simple answer to this is gaining more muscle through weightlifting. If you have more muscles than fat, your body will adjust accordingly so even if you do stop exercising, you won’t gain unnecessary weight easily.

It can also help protect your bones

If you don’t already know, osteoporosis affects about 80% of women mainly as a result of postmenopause. This is because the body will no longer produce estrogen after menopause which leads to loss of bone minerals and weaker bones overall. Lifting weights, in this case, is said to be the best defense against osteoporosis. This is because one of the known benefits of weight training is that it increases bone density. Of course, along with a healthy diet, you can fight and eliminate any chances of such bone disease.

It’s also a great way to fight stress hormones

One of the biggest reasons you lose motivation to exercise is because of stress. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress, don’t get this wrong, but doing too much in one session can actually increase your stress hormones. This is especially true when doing cardio or endurance training. The longer you run or stay on a bike, the faster your stress levels may rise. This is something you’ll rarely get when you lift weights though. You can do it for 45-60 minutes and you can already consider it a great workout. You burn calories, gain muscle, and don’t even have to do it too long!

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Getting Dressed For the Gym

Choosing the right gym outfit is important to get the most of your workout. Forget about baggy shirts and sloppy sweatpants; there’s a whole lot more of stylish and functional clothing options out there.


Wearing the right workout clothes will not only make you look good, but feel good about yourself as well—a sure-fire way to get an extra boost of motivation to reach your fitness goals. Here are some tips to help you get appropriately dressed for the gym.


Sports bras are a must, so as athletic underwear. A well-fitted sports bra restricts movement and provides full support to the breasts, which can otherwise cause pain when working out. Try on a few styles, bend over, jump up and down, and twist your body in different directions to see if it stays in place and provides the needed support. Good options for both athletic underwear and sports bras are those made of stretchy and breathable fabrics that easily absorb sweat.


Tops and Bottoms

Wearing oversized shirt and pants isn’t the best way to go, whether you’re slim or still trying to lose weight. Though it may be the best option you have for hiding love handles, baggy garments can hinder your workout as they can easily get caught on equipment. Slim-fitting shirts, tank tops, shorts and athletic pants are ideal for exercising. Fitted clothes allow you to see your posture, as well as how your body moves as you perform the exercises.

Depending on the activities you will be doing, you can wear capris, slim-fitting yoga pants, shorts, stretch pants, or cropped leggings. Choose workout bottoms made of performance materials that are light and comfortable and support better mobility.


Cross-trainers are ideal for the gym since most of the time you will be doing aerobic exercises. The right workout shoes help support proper posture, promote motions control and stability, and help prevent injuries. It’s also recommended to pick a pair that’s light and comfy to wear while keeping your feet cool. Match it with an appropriate pair of socks that’s made of acrylic to wick away sweat and secure your feet from blisters.

While it’s nice to own a variety of gym clothes, you don’t have to buy your gym wear all at once, especially when planning to lose weight. Reward yourself of a new workout outfit whenever you achieve a goal. That way, you’ll stay motivated and keep track of your progress at the same time.


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The 3 Most Popular Fitness Centers in Singapore

Our bodies are indispensable therefore we have to take good care of it. A healthy lifestyle consisting of a healthy diet, adequate rest and regular exercise is very important to fight obesity, prevent risks of heart diseases and to keep ourselves in good shape.


Singaporeans are very watchful of their weight and very into the idea of a daily physical exercise. This is why we listed down some of the best fitness centers found in Singapore.

Fitness First

Fitness First is very popular to gym buffs because of their no up-front paying policy for the yearly gym membership. You can pay up the fee monthly by way of GIRO or using a credit card. The personal trainers are very accommodating to new members because they allow two free 30-minute fitness sessions in order for the members to get used to the rigorous work done when training.

California Fitness


California Fitness is prominent for their Jackie Chan martial arts classes that are for people who want to copy and learn Jackie Chan’s signature martial arts skills. For those interested, they also have a one-week free pass for guests in order for them to get a firsthand knowledge and experience of the services offered by the fitness center.

Amore Fitness

Amore Fitness is a fitness center specialized for the ladies. It’s a good gym center for women because Amore is concerned with the overall journey of women towards fitness. In this fitness center, women will feel comfortable and confident to work a sweat because the facilities are specialized for their needs. Amore is not only a fitness establishment. It also has a spa that offers body and facial treatments aimed to pamper women and make them feel more confident about themselves.


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Singapore: 5 Surprising Facts about Pilates

Pilates is form of exercise that was established during the early beginning of the 20th century. It has become popular because there a lot of Pilate instructors see the amazing benefits of doing this exercise. Since this physical workout is new and not familiar to all, getting some fresh learning is a must. Here are the 5 facts that will amaze you about the Pilates exercise.


  • It’s a physical fitness program – not yoga

As what we have seen and heard through online advertisements that Pilates is a form of yoga. This is because is it just a system by itself – a system that focusing on the mental and physical health.

  • It requires equipment

In the past years, Pilate’s classes make use of chairs and tables to help achieve the desired body posture. Today, many people are using exercise balls, rollers, resistance bands and rotating disk. Most importantly, mat must always be present.


  • It requires in-depth focus

Basically, it will necessitate you to perform just a couple of slow moves. In Singapore and other countries around the globe, Pilates is according to the idea that proper execution of the routine is more important that the exercise itself.

  • It involves breathing

With proper breathing methods, Pilates will be very effective. By just simply breathing in and breathing out, stress and other physical pain will be eliminated.

  • It is not for all

Generally, Pilates is not suited for pregnant, overweight and people with serious medical ailments. However, with a physician’s prescription, Pilates will be applicable to everyone.



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