Epi Lasik – Understanding The Procedure

There are some Singapore Epi Lasik cases that astigmatism is induced. This Epi Lasik risk seldom happens but it is not overlook. It is because once this happened blurred vision is obtained. However, the Epi Lasik Singapore condition could still be administered through in combination of under correction or overcorrection re-treatment of lasik singapore. There are some levels of manageable astigmatism and could improve the vision.


The Epi Lasik procedure will change the eye of the patient as the time passes by. Patients need to understand that there are changes when it comes to vision. However, there are cases where in the Epi Lasik procedure is successful while there are some instances that it is not successful, hence patients needs to have another procedure to develop their vision.


After the procedure, it is expected that Singapore patients will feel sandy or grittiness sensation within the eye. This could be felt one until three months after the Epi Lasik treatment. In order to ease the sensation, it is suggested that patients should employ lubricating eye drops frequently. Furthermore, if dry eyes are experience regularly, it is vital to tell the Epi Lasik surgeon before the procedure, so that Singapore surgeon will do ways in order to lessen the risk of draining the eyes.

There are instances that haze might occur. Haze is the Epi Lasik terminology employed for certain cellular reaction that might appear within the corneal stroma. Haze is acquired due to the materials that were secreted form surface cells and placed within anterior corneal stroma. Severe haze is uncommon but needs to still be considered as risk after the Epi Lasik procedure.


These are some of the risk involve on having LASIK eye surgeryin Singapore. In case you will undergo the Singapore Epi Lasik procedure, it is essential to talk with your surgeon about the possible results that you might acquire. This is for you to have idea about the thing that you must expect after the Epi Lasik treatment.

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