Benefits of Reading Out Loud to Your Kids

In our time today, you’ll see more and more parents use phones, tablets, and TVs to entertain their children. For one, this sets the children up for eye damage at such an early age. And for another, they’ll turn to their gadgets for fun instead of interacting with other children. We may not like to admit it, but this will have a profound effect on their mental and emotional growth. The classic and better way to entertain your child is to use books! Here are some reasons why.

Great way to spend some quality time together

First and most importantly, you get to spend more quality time with them. Having time to interact with their parents intimately is very important for a child’s growth. If you spend more time at work then at home, reading to your kids when they go to bed is a great way to make up for lost time. It can give them great memories as they grow up and it will surely strengthen your bond as a family.

It instills a love for reading

As said earlier, your kids can make great memories when you read to them. This is why reading out loud can be a great way to instill in them a love for reading. Because they understand how entertaining books can be at a young age, they’ll learn to pick books up as they grow older as well. Of course, this is important because books are the most common learning tools. So, when they go to school, they already understand the importance of reading!

It improves their vocabulary

Children learn by imitating others around them. That is why it’s usually better to read books aloud yourself instead of letting your kids do all the reading. In this sense, you have a better grasp of grammar and pronunciation, so your children will learn about those aspects better as well. Sure, it would be great if they learned on their own, but if you expose them early to vocabulary, they’ll have an easier time learning.

It teaches lessons and values

The truth of the matter is, you can dictate moral lessons or values to children. Rather, you can, but they might not understand it instantly. A better way for them to learn about values is through books. Children are more likely to learn their values because they imitate their favorite characters. They’ll have a hard time following and understanding constantly say, “Don’t do this.” or “This is what you should do.” Also, since they’ve already heard about the bad guys in books, they should also have a better understanding of what’s good and what’s not.

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Reasons Why You Need a Master’s Degree

You need to be fully equipped if you want to land a good job here in Singapore. The first thing that you need to overcome is getting a bachelor’s degree. When you choose a degree, you have to think of what the industry needs and demands. Others choose a degree based on their passion. There is nothing wrong with choosing a degree based on passion but at the end of the day, you should choose whatever benefits you and Singapore.


After getting the bachelor’s degree, here’s another thing to overcome – master’s degree. Many people do not consider this because it is mentally taxing and time consuming. It does not end there because pursuing a master’s degree is also a financial burden unless you have a scholarship. If you are in doubt, you should read the following reasons why you need a master’s degree:

  • Increase job prospects: Before academic gains, you pursue a master’s degree because you want to intensify your job prospects. You have to realize that a master’s degree can take you far. If you are an expert in your field, you will surely get a lot of offers and when you want a job, you will not be put into question. In other words, master’s degree will serve as your passes for higher positions.


  • Higher pay: When you are promoted, of course higher pay will come next. It is undeniable that master’s degree can make your bank accounts swell. For higher positions, persons with master’s degree are more qualified than those who only have their bachelor’s degree. Master’s degree can decrease your time to get that promotion.


  • Intellectual growth: For people who are not after financial gains, master’s degree can pave for intellectual growth. Master’s degree is difficult but when you are done with it, you will seek for more. The Doctoral degree will come next.


  • Networking: Graduate school is the best place to meet people and expand your network. Your classmates will surely rise on top so it pays to know some of them. Graduate school is an exciting environment that gives you opportunities to meet new people and build your contacts.

If despite the reasons you still do not want to pursue master’s degree, it is up to you. The important thing is you land a job and you are happy with it. If you decide to pursue, there are many schools here in Singapore that offer graduate degrees. You only need to enroll and make time. It is not easy but if you are determined, you will surely overcome it. Good luck!


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