Shopping at Bugis Street

Looking for a place to get a good bargain? Then Bugis Street is the place to be!

Shopping at Bugis Street is getting an idea of how Singapore streetwear looks like. This outdoor street market located at Bugis Village is the country’s own style of Bangkok’s Chatuchak market. You can find a wide range of items here, from clothes to shoes and accessories.

Singapore Streetwear

Streetwear in Singapore is influenced by the trends from Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan and America. For ladies, body-conforming dresses, flowery maxi dresses, rompers and jumpers are the common street fashion statement. For guys, graphic tees and shorts define streetwear.

Accessories Craze

Budget fashionistas will definitely love shopping at Bugis Street where prices of merchandises are fairly reasonable. Prices can be as low as S$5 or less for accessories. It is common to see stalls that let you pick 3 accessories for the price of S$10.

When shopping, be sure that you bring with you enough cash since most shops will not accept credit cards. In Singapore, clothes for guys are generally more expensive than for ladies. However, you can really buy clothes, shoes and accessories at rock bottom prices at Bugis Street.


When to go here

Bugis Street is open daily until 11pm. The best day to go shopping in this open-air street market is during a weekday to avoid a crowd of shoppers that make aisles even narrower. Patience is truly a virtue when you shop at Bugis street, but don’t worry because hours of shopping will pay off as you head home happily with the best bargain.

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When Buying a Classic Car…

Driving a classic car is a different experience from driving a modern car. However, owning one can gain great profit when the time comes to sell it. It can be a good investment, or could also be a great failure. So, if you’re planning to purchase a classic car instead of the latest one, take a look at these considerations first and see if a classic automobile is right for you.

The car’s condition. Remember that classic and vintage cars can have rattles and squeaks in there mechanism even if they are in excellent condition. The brake and the steering may also feel uncomfortable and different compared to new generation cars. Moreover, these cars don’t run as smoothly as modern cars do.

Decide what car you want to own. Classic cars come in different forms and styles. Most classic cars have unique features from the other. Determine the car model and be specific about the things you want in your car.

Search for problem areas. Once you have list down your top classic car choices, it’s time to check for the car’s problematic areas. Since these cars have already existed for decades, it’s highly possible that they may have developed mechanical problems and issues through the years. Get a professional mechanic from well-reputed garage shops to give the car an overall check-up.

Get a car specialist. Classic cars are, most probably, second hand or used cars. Some of the authentic car parts might have been replaced due to accidents or car improvisation. Examine every part of your prospect car by getting a car specialist. Car specialists can tell whether the parts are still original or not. Furthermore, this procedure can help alter the value of the car.

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Two Easy Ways to Make a Good Impression on an Interview

So you want a job. But what if you’re not the exact type of person your prospect employer is looking for, even though you meet their requirements. If that’s the case, you better make a good impression on your interview. Thankfully, impressing your interviewer doesn’t just rely on your mere experience and qualification. How you present yourself is also very important and might just sway your future boss into choosing you.

Be on Time and Dress for Success

Never underestimate the importance of being on time for a job interview, your punctuality will give employers the impression and idea of your attendance in the future (if ever you’ll get the job). Arrive at least 15 to 30 minutes before the schedule so you can fix yourself as well. On the other hand, dressing your way to success is also a must. In most cases, wearing business casual attire will do but sometimes it also depends upon the culture of the company. Some high-end corporate companies require employees to wear suit and tie for men, and formal attire for women. After all, the way you look also says a lot about you.

Familiarize the Job Requirements

Understanding the skills, experience and qualifications required for the position you’re applying for will greatly help you confidently answer all of the questions thrown at you. If you give confident answers, the interviewer will think that you can give whatever the wanted position requires. Assess your skills that match the job requirements and learn as much about the job as you can, so that you can knowledgeably answer questions that filter your potentials to man the job.

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Three Ways to Heal Emotional Scars

It’s hard to move on, no one can argue with that. When a relationship ends, there’s never any winner and every one hurts. But if things were not really working out in the first place, then perhaps it was all for the better that it ended soon. And the sooner you get over – and learn from – the experience, the better. Here’s how you can do that:

Replace Memories with New Experiences

Yes, it’s the right term to use for breaking your heart. Get rid of photos, text messages, emails and letters from your former lover. Looking at those will not help. You may also return, sell or completely throw away other items that remind you of him/her.

Listen to Happy, Feel-Good Music

Listen to songs that gives you good vibes and get you in the mood for dancing. Dancing, like other forms of exercise, produce endorphin, which is the hormone that makes us feel better. Avoid slow, sappy music, and especially ones you used to listen with your ex. Remember, it’s better to listen to popular, cookie-cutter tunes than to meaningful ones that only remind you of your bad past.

Make Peace with the Situation

Whatever lessons we have yet to learn, life always finds a way to teach us. Remember that this is only a phase. Get yourself busy and try your best to get up from loneliness. Treat it more as a learning experience than taking it as a mistake. There are reasons why some people don’t make it in your present and future, one of which is that you deserve better.

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The Most Popular BBQ Food in Singapore

Street foods are an important aspect of Singapore culture. High-end restaurants and hawker centers are sprawling across the country with different kinds of foodstuff to offer. Locals rush to various hawker centers and food stalls to satisfy their cravings for tasty barbecue foods. The most popular BBQ foods include satay, otah, sambal stingray, sambal squid, and chicken wings.

Satay is a Southeast Asian BBQ food that is very popular in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, and Thailand. It is made of seasoned and grilled meat and served with sauce. Meat can be chicken, goat, beef, pork, or fish. It can also be tofu. Common types of BBQ satay include satay ayam or chicken satay, satay lembu or beef satay, satay perut or beef intestine, and satay babat or beef tripe.

Otak-otak, or locally known as otah, is fish meat and spices made into a cake. Traditionally, it is served fresh inside a banana leaf. Many often to buy otah in bulk from BBQ Singapore wholesale suppliers. You can eat it as it is or pair with bread or rice. Otah is prepared by mixing fish paste and spices including garlic, shallots, green garlic, chilli, and turmeric. Coconut milk is also added into it. Afterwards, the mixture is wrapped inside a banana leaf then steamed or grilled.

Sambal stingray is stingray in chilli paste. The wing part or flap of a stingray is perfect for this BBQ food because it holds the bulk of juicy flesh. In Singapore, a BBQ stingray’s flap is grilled and served with sambal sauce. It is made by combining various chilli and spices to complement the juicy flesh of the stingray.

This is a Malay dish that is popular among those who are seafood lovers. It is a barbecue food that consists of grilled squid and spicy sambal sauce. The chilli sambal sauce complements the squid’s chewy texture. When the squid is overly grilled, the chewy texture is lost. Therefore, it is very important to control the grilling so that the peculiar texture that makes the squid delicious is kept. The folks here love to eat BBQ sambal squid with warm rice.

Chicken wings are one of the most loved barbecue foods by everyone. A perfect BBQ chicken wing is tender and juicy, well-marinated, and grilled until golden brown. People usually squeeze lemon on top of the chicken wings to add flavor. They also dip them in spicy sauce to make it tastier.

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Regular Health Screening Detects Diseases Early

Health screening is actually a periodic evaluation of the body system in order to determine the health status of a certain person. It actually consists different procedures in which the doctor simply uses in order to assess the person’s well being. On the other hand, some people would ask why they need to go for regular checkups and sometimes with the many health screening packages that clinics offer. Well, here are the benefits of health screening that you may have:

Your body dynamically and constantly changes every day of your life. Thus, taking on periodic health screening in Singapore would let you have early detection of diseases, which are previously unknown for the person. It may include checkups for high blood pressure, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and even with cancer that are simply the leading causes of death into the well-developed countries and merely do not manifest symptoms until it is already in the advanced stages, most especially when the treatment is already too late.

Health screening could simply promote consciousness among the patients with regards to their health. Getting into executive health screening Singapore body wellness assessment program could simply assist a person with early detection of a disease and somewhat a cost effective one rather than treating the disease alone. Always keep in mind that prevention would be much better than cure.

Moreover, what does this health screening tests involve? Well, the basic type of health screening packages and procedure in Singapore clinics would include these:

1. Medical History Review- It is actually a review of the medical illness you had from the past. It could be with the present medical symptoms, medical history of your family, so as with medications. Your doctor would then become aware of the medical history you have and will be the one who is in best position in terms of getting relevant tests that you now need.
2. Physical tests- it simply includes reading your blood pressure and the examination of your body systems.
3. Laboratory examinations- usually, these are urine and blood tests revealing the internal status and diseases that could not be detected easily with physical examination. They even assist you for making the best diagnosis, disease assessment and monitoring the treatment effects.
4. Additional Tests- this type of tests may simply include PAP Smear, ultrasound, ECG and X-Ray

Have you come up into the point asking yourself about what age suits best for health screening? Well, all of the adults can and need to go for some sort of health screening. It is actually recommended for those people with the history of serious illnesses. Moreover, those people who are already above 40 years old and those who are at higher risk of developing diseases because of diet, work nature, lifestyle, environment, and other sort of circumstances.

If you would like to be aware, be healthy and live a little longer, it would be best for you to go for health screening . There are many ways for you to get one and it would not be a time consuming one, unlike what you had expected.

There are clinics in Singapore wherein you could have this thing done for you, however, public ones work free and you do not have to pay, but you still have to work along the queue. There are also private clinics wherein you could have the screening done, yet you have to pay for it. However, it would not be something that would cost you too much, so you can go to it.

Being aware can help you save your life from possible illnesses and diseases. So, if you would like to consider this thing out for your own sake, taking health screening tests would always be the best thing to do.

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