Commuters Approve of the New Direct Bus Service

Many commuters approve the new City Service 651. The City Service 651 commences from Jurong West Avenue which passes at Ayer Rajah Expressway before finally making its way to the Marina Boulevard. Commuters admired its comfort and convenience. The new bus line shows that commuting is a fun experience.

If you are commuting every day, you should think of ways to be productive during the travel. This is to utilize your time well. Here are some suggestions that you can do during your commute:

Draw. If you like to draw, you can try to doodle while you are in the train or bus. You will surely not notice the time. You only need a notebook and a pencil. It is a good pastime.

Write. If you are into writing, you can also think and write in the train or bus. If you have a laptop, you can simply take it out and do your thing. If you want to write your ideas on the notebook, you can do so.

Read. If you are an avid reader, no one or nothing can stop you from reading your favourite book. If the train or bus provides newspaper and other magazines, you can read them.

Listen. You can listen to music or other audiobooks. If for example you want audiobooks on specific topics like language learning or cooking, you should secure it. While commuting, you are learning. That is a good deal.

Enjoy the Ride. In every journey, near or far, we are often told to enjoy the ride. You can observe people or you can look outside and see the beauty of the city.

There are people who would rather take the taxi because they despise buses and trains. Well it is up to them. Regardless of what you choose, the important thing is you arrived safely.

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Helpful Cleaning Tips

Cleaning is not easy but it is not impossible. In fact, the government is urging the public to practice and observe a clean environment. You should know that the Singapore Ministry of Health is advising the public to do their part in attaining a clean environment. Inside the house, it is your responsibility to ensure that your family is healthy by cleaning. Outside, it is the government’s responsibility but you need to cooperate.

Since you spend more time in the house, you need to clean it thoroughly to get rid of dust, dirt, fur and other allergens that might put everyone in peril. The good thing is that there are many helpful cleaning tips that you can utilize. Here’s a look:

1.   Schedule your cleaning

It is imperative that you schedule cleaning. Having spot cleaning is not a problem but if you want to get the help of family members, you should set the time when everyone is around. If there are many hands, things would be easier and less time consuming.

2.   Obtain all the materials

Before proceeding with the actual cleaning, you should obtain materials first. You need to secure dust pans, brooms, cloth, vacuums, duster, cleaning agents and many more.

3.   Section cleaning areas

Perhaps you’ve heard about this. In sectioning, you should consider one room at a time. For example, you can begin in the bedroom and never leave it until you are done. The other rooms will follow. An important thing to note here-you should start upstairs.

4.   Maintain cleanliness

It does not end the moment you cleaned everything because you need to maintain it.

You do not need to see cleaning horribly. If you have no time to spare, you should consider domestic help. Looking for domestic help is easy if you know where to go or what you need. Do not think about the cost because it cannot compare to the health risks you are putting your family.

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Delight Your Senses

You don’t need to be told to find time to pamper yourself. It should come from you that you need some time off to indulge and pamper yourself. This isn’t so hard because here in Singapore, there are a lot of Spas and Wellness & Beauty Centres that you can go to. You can begin with the following establishments:

Estheva Spa

Estheva Spa lies in North Bridge Road. The spa is proud of its natural-thermal services originally from Italy. There are many packages that you can choose from. They have eighteen spacious treatment spaces with tubs, suites, saunas and aromatic cubicles. To avail of their services, you can allot at least S$250 onwards. The establishment is open from Monday-Friday (10AM to 10PM) and Saturday-Sunday (10AM to 8PM).

Spa Botanica

Spa Botanica is nestled in Sentosa Resort & Spa. It is considered as the first garden inspired spa in Singapore. It houses a number of mud pools, meditation rooms, flowing waterfalls and pools. Many people come here to enjoy ultimate garden spa experience. To avail of their services, you can allot at least S$150 onwards. The establishment is open every 10AM to 10PM every day.

Willow Stream Spa

Willow Stream Spa lies in Bras Basah Road. This establishment use natural curing process. Willow Stream is made to simply pamper you with their luxurious facilities like the Jacuzzi, thirty five treatment spaces, pool and sauna rooms. To avail of their services, you can allot at least S$150 onwards. The establishment is open every day from 9AM to 10PM.

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Cheap Places to Buy Luxury Brands in Singapore

If you want to pamper yourself by buying luxurious brands, you are in the right place. Singapore houses many luxurious brands that will surely make you happy. Shopping in Singapore is a delight for shopaholics and fashion aficionados.

If you are a local, naturally you know where to find luxurious stores. If you are a tourist, you have to ask some people. Don’t hesitate to ask because Singaporeans will surely help you find your way. They will suggest these places:


If you are in Changi airport, you can find stores that sell luxurious brands. The airport offers duty free shopping. Shopping in Changi will surely delight you.

Paragon Shopping Centre

The mall’s interior and exterior speaks of luxury and sophistication. Paragon Shopping Centre has six levels that sell different luxury brands and high class apparels. It is a common destination for fashion aficionados.

Ngee Ann City

If you are in Ngee Ann City, look for Takashimaya. Takashimaya is a Japanese store chain that sells designer labels and international brands from children’s clothing to adult’s sportswear. It also sells cosmetics, accessories, music, etc.

Marina Bay Sands

If you want to experience world class shopping, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands is the perfect place. The structure purely speaks of luxury and elegance. You will enjoy the experience and you will come back for more.

Ion Orchard

If you are in Orchard, you should go to Ion Orchard. The mall is currently considered the largest in Singapore. You will surely appreciate it. It features designer label shops and international brands.

Singapore also presents cheaper but very reliable brands. There are many malls that you can visit. Happy shopping!

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Break a Leg

If you are a supporter of the performing arts, there are many theatre companies that you can consider here in Singapore. You are given good choices from international Broadway hits, classics, local and experimental creations. If you are particular about the language, worry no more because there are Chinese, Malay and Tamil languages in store for you.

You can begin by considering the following company:

The Necessary Stage

The Necessary Stage is located in Marine Parade Road. The company is favoured because of its charity works. It was founded by Alvin Tan who dedicated his life in pursuing the artistic boundaries of arts community here in Singapore. With more than 60 original productions and performances overseas, The Necessary Stage is surely the pride of Singapore. You can also visit their website at


Theatreworks is located in Mohammad Sultan Road. The group is highly favoured because of its performances. Singapore and the whole world saw its glory with more than two hundred productions and two thousand five hundred executions. Aside from the group of performing arts, Theatreworks also nurture creative writers. You can also visit their website at

Teater Ekamatra

Theater Ekamatra is located in Cecil Street. The company is dedicated towards the development and expansion of Malay theatre but it does not limit its work in Malay language. The company is proud of its plays that depict equality, cultural pluralism and creative superiority. You can also visit their website at

There you go. Hope you enjoy the plays or shows of the companies mentioned above. Watch out for more performances.

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Budget Shopping in Singapore

Your shopping experience is not complete if you don’t consider Singapore. Singapore is a shopping destination these days because of its shopping centres and numerous malls. If you are a local, you should know the best budget shopping places in Singapore. Remember that shopping in Singapore need not to be expensive. If you know the right place to get the best deals, you can get by. The key to get the best deals is to haggle. Here’s a list of budget shopping places you can visit:

Far East Plaza

This plaza sells cheap but good items like shoes, bags, clothes, accessories, etc. This is the best place for teenagers to shop.

Bugis Street

If you want an informal setting, Bugis Street is the best place to begin your shopping. It consists of more than 800 shops selling different items. Your haggling skills will be tested here.

Mustafa Centre

Mustafa is famous because of its 24 hours/7 days a week service. It never closes. If you want to buy something in the middle of the night, Mustafa Centre is there to cater to your needs. It has four levels filled with all goods or products you might need. It offers fine jewelleries and electronics.

Lucky Plaza

Lucky Plaza consists of more than 500 retail shops, food establishments, etc. It is located at the heart of Singapore’s shopping area- Orchard.

The stores mentioned above offers great deals for whatever that is you are looking for. If you want expensive items, there are stores that offer such. Learn how to haggle and everything will be alright. Splurge if you have the means. Enjoy shopping!

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