8 Signs Your Business is in Need of an IT Services Provider

As a business owner, you know it’s impossible to handle everything yourself. To ensure your business’ success and to provide the best environment for your employees, you need to delegate certain tasks to people who know better.

Your IT system is one example. Unless you had proper education about IT management, it’s best to entrust your IT needs to experts. Here are a few signs that tell it’s time hire a service provider. If you are experiencing any of these issues, an IT services consultant could be the solution you’re looking for.

1. You don’t have IT department in the company.

Despite the rapid growth of importance of technology in small- to medium-sized businesses in Singapore, you still don’t have in-house IT specialists. If you avoid doing so to save on expenses, hire contractors instead. Do not make the mistake to leave the tech problems to the most tech-savvy person in the team. Doing so can only worsen the problem and waste precious time of your employee, which he can likely use somewhere more productive for your company.

2. Your IT department is over-tasked.

If you have, say, 50 employees and each of them is complete with a computer or a laptop and a company-issued smartphone and tablet, you will likely come across certain tech problems more frequently than you expected. Everyone uses multiple programs and sync devices for file sharing, so it’s no surprise if one day your local network decides to turn its back on you. Even if you have more than one IT department, your business will expand and will eventually need a more advanced IT support. For this, an established IT services company is your best solution.

3. You experience technology challenges more often.

From hardware crashes and network overloads to user errors and software updates, it seems like there is always something in the way that keeps you and your employees from working on your full potential. Even if some of these issues do not directly affect your output, they can be disruptive and frustrating to deal with. Not only these glitches affect your day-to-day productivity, but it also affects employee satisfaction.

4. You need to be proactive, but don’t have enough time.

Have there been times when you need to delay tech duties to accommodate more important tasks? Delaying your technology needs is like opening the front door to intruders. If there’s too much on your plate and you can’t seem to handle them all, hand it off to people who can do it for you. If there’s new technology that helps improve your operations, you’re guaranteed to know about it; and when problems arise, you don’t have to choose which ones to tackle first. You can concentrate in running your business, while your Singapore IT service team takes care of your tech needs.

5. You’re unsure which technology to get.

From directing a senior management team to meeting the investors, you have quite a lot of things to do, so it’s understandable if you’re not updated with the latest technologies in your industry. However, not keeping up with the updates can pose a threat to the success of your company. How will you know what technologies will benefit your business the most? How will you identify the best way to spend your budget? You will need a reliable and trust-worthy IT partner to help you navigate towards right solutions.

6. You’re planning for disaster management.

Disaster recovery plans are significantly important for all businesses. Whether it’s just a temporary power outage or a more damaging fire and flood, you should have a plan ready. For this, you have two options: (1) hold several meetings with your employees to create and implement a disaster recovery plan and (2) hire an IT services company in Singapore who can do regular back-ups for you. While the former is a good idea, the latter obviously saves you more time and energy, making it the best option of the two.

7. Your business is growing rapidly.

Every company owner aims for two things: increase growth and minimize risks. As your business grows, so does your IT system. Take a moment to answer these following questions:

    • How do you plan to keep up with the growth?
    • Who will help you choose a good technology that can accommodate future updates and changes?
    • What security measures have you installed to eliminate threats?
    • Can I handle everything on my own, including the IT system?

With the rapid growth of your business, it’s likely that you will need the help of IT specialists to be able to keep up with the growing demands of your tech needs.

8. You need to establish good relationship with manufacturers.

IT services specialists don’t only bring their expertise to the table, but also their connections in the industry. Partnering with a reliable IT company also means your establishing connections with top technology manufacturers such as Cisco, Apple, Microsoft and other companies. With a direct link to these tech vendors that your IT expert can provide, you are able to get quality customer support and potentially get updates and upgrades of products much faster.

Of course, these are just a few of the many reasons why you need an IT services provider. By investing on a reliable IT consultant in Singapore, you give your business the upper hand to stay updated with the best and the newest tech products and solve tech issues in a manner that will not interfere with your business operations. It allows you to get back on track and focus on what really matters.

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Taking Care of Your Sexual Health

For many people, the topic of sex is highly personal and they think it’s best not to talk about it. However, modern institutions, which include the World Health Organization (WHO), consider formal discussions about sex and sexual health essential in today’s world. From concerns on how to have more enjoyable sex to more serious health issues such as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), many things are under the broad topic of sexual health.


If you are sexually active, the more it is important to visit a GP clinic and talk to a Singapore healthcare professional about sexual health check-ups and health issues you may have in mind.

What is a sexual health check-up?

A sexual health check-up is an examination done by a doctor to find out whether you have sexual health problems, like sexually transmitted disease. During the check-up, the doctor gives you a physical exam and inquires about your sexual activities and behaviours. You will be encouraged to raise questions and concerns during a check-up.

Who performs the check-up?

A sexual health check-up is performed only by professional healthcare providers, but the exact physician depends on where you go for your check-up. You may see a doctor or a nurse when you go to a community health centre or a family GP clinic. If you intend on go for anonymous hiv testing at M Lam clinic in Singapore there may also be another professional who will perform the test on you. If it entails collecting of blood sample or a swab, it is usually the nurse who will attend to you.

Who needs a sexual health check-up?

Every sexually active individual needs to be checked regularly. How often and when you need to have the check-ups depend on your sexual activities and lifestyle. If you have not had a sexual health check-up and STD screening before, now is the best time to do so, especially if any of the following applies to you:

• If you have had unsafe sex, whether it’s vaginal, anal, or oral
• If you suspect you have STD
• If you are in an open relationship (you and your partner agree to engage other people)
• If you are with a new partner
• If your partner had previous partners before you
• If you have shared injecting tools, like syringes and needles.

What happens in a sexual health check-up?

A check-up usually begins with a discussion about your sexual history and practices. Expect your Singapore healthcare provider to ask you personal questions, such as:

• What kinds of sexual activities you have engaged in?
• How many sexual partners you have had?
• Do you experience any symptoms or do you suspect you have STD?
• Have you tried injected drugs or sharing needles?
• Do you have piercings or tattoos?

Answering some of these questions may make you feel uncomfortable. However, keep in mind that if you do not answer the questions honestly, your health care provider would not be able to order accurate tests for you, which could seriously affect your health. Take not that some infections can lead to long-term health complications if they are not treated properly.

In the examination, with your consent, your genital might have to be examined. A series of test might be conducted, including:

• Urine and/or blood test

• Swabs, where a culture sample from the genital area will be taken and examined thoroughly under a microscope. The doctor may sometimes order to take extra swabs from the anus or throat for further examination

• In women’s health clinic, patients undergo vaginal examination, like Pap smear. Women who are sexually active should regularly have this examination. Talk to your healthcare provider how often to have this test.

• In men’s health clinic, the doctor will physically examine the penis and the scrotum for any irregular lumps and bumps.


When your STD screening test appears positive, you might want to consider telling your previous partners about it, so they can also get their own HIV testing or any STD tests and get the appropriate treatment if necessary.

How Can You Get Infected?

STD-causing bacteria and viruses are transmitted through skin-to-skin contact or through exchange of body fluids. If you do not practice safe sex, such as using condoms, you are at high risk of catching an infection.

Likewise, having lots of sex partners increases your chances of getting n infection. People who have sex, with different partners are more at risk than those who stay with the same partner. However, even if you and your partner have been together for years but neither of you have been tested, it will not save you from contracting an infection. Make sure that both of you are negative of any infection by getting tested.

How to protect yourself against sexual health issues?

Sex should be a pleasurable experience for partners, but it can also pose a great risk if the people who engage in it are not careful. STDs can be worrisome, painful, have serious long-term effects (such as infertility), and can even be fatal. Here’s what you can do to guard your health against infections.

• Identifying the Infection: Know the signs and symptoms of various STDs, as well as the possible effects of infections. This helps you understand how important it is to get tested and treated right away.

• Taking STD Tests: STD and HIV testing is a critical part of a sexual health plan. Finding out whether you are positive of an STD enables you to start a treatment immediately, which gives you a better chance of curing the disease.

• Take Preventive Care: Taking the necessary precautions help prevent the spread of infection or helps you avoid catching an infection. Use barriers such as condoms and dental dams to avoid direct skin-to-skin contact and the risk of getting infected.

It’s normal to feel uncomfortable or even embarrassed when discussing your sexual practices with a stranger, but a healthcare professional should be able to make you feel at ease. If your doctor or nurse seems pushy or if they make you feel uncomfortable to the point of feeling ashamed, you have all the right to look for another women’s health clinic or men’s health clinic.


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Tips for Currency Trading

Currency trading attracts a lot of individuals but it’s not really for everyone. This financial venture does not promise an overnight success but rather reward those who show tremendous patience and discipline in the trading world. The market is perceived by many as a double-edged sword that promises huge payoff but can also easily wipe away all your investments in a flash. There’s really no secret formula to successful currency trading. Singaporeans who have seen success in their trading ventures can vouch for this fact. If you really want to join the world of currency trading, then here are some tips to give you a head start:


Be a Keen Observer of the World

To be successful in the world of currency trading entails a lot of skills and knowledge in Fundamental Analysis. This market approach says that you should pay particular attention to the macroeconomic, geopolitical issues, or just about anything that concerns the traded currency pairs. Having a clear big picture will help you make calculated trading forecasts.

Learn to Read Charts

Learning to read and interpret charts is an essential skill to a successful trader. When it comes to currency trading, you’ll be using a lot of trading charts to help you identify market trends and patterns or any semblance from a historical market data. This skill is used in making Technical Analysis which is another type of market approach. Traders believe that mastering these market charts will pave the way to their trading success.


Apply Automated Trading Setups

Your best friend in the world of currency trading would be some automated trading setups that will help you save a lot of time and effort. This can be in a form of money management strategy or simply a risk control management. Either way, you need to religiously follow whatever carefully planned strategy or setup you have thought of beforehand no matter the trend of the current trading world.

Get a Reliable Forex Broker

Getting a reliable Forex broker will help you achieve that extra mile as a currency trader. You need to work with a licensed, duly regulated, financially solvent Forex broker that can provide you competitive deals, real-time quotes, fast and accurate execution of trade orders, and a lot of trading essentials. This is why you simply can’t do without a reliable Forex broker on your side.

Be an Objective and Disciplined Trader

Just like other successful currency traders, you need to be an objective and disciplined trader yourself. You need to overcome negative trading attitudes that are only disadvantageous for you and serve as most common pitfalls among the unsuccessful ones.


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Don’ts in Visiting Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens is pondering about increasing its measures in preparation for the surging of visitors in the days to come. The director of the Botanic Gardens together with his team are thinking of other things to increase the protection of the plants and the nearby infrastructures. The management is thinking about increasing security and guide visitors.


Singapore Botanic Gardens applied to be a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Though the results are not yet given, Singaporeans are positive about the outcome. The Garden has been here for about 154 years. It deserves to be lined up with other World Heritage Sites. With this, visitors are reminded to take care of the Botanic Garden. If you will visit the Botanic Garden, do not:

1. Don’t’ stray away from the track. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the garden, you should follow the pathways. Do not stray away from the track so you will not get lost.

2. Don’t park just anywhere. You need to park in the designated place. Do not just park anywhere because you might get a ticket. You only need to observe parking directions.

3. Don’t smoke or spit. Smoking can compromise the air quality of the people around you. Do not smoke if you are in the garden. Everyone wants to enjoy the clean scenery so avoid spitting anywhere.cf76557562e25be81957da82efc7ff84e0caf3 

4. Don’t disturb the peace. You visit the gardens because of its peaceful environment. Do not disturb the peace that other people are enjoying. Keep your voices down and do not play loud music.

5. Don’t dispose waste anywhere. You should dispose your waste in the designated place. Do not just dispose it anywhere because that is called littering. You will be apprehended.

6. Don’t disrespect the flora and fauna. When you visit the Botanic Gardens, it is imperative that you show respect to the flora and fauna. Do not damage the plants, furniture, turf and other facilities.

7. Don’t do other things except sightseeing. The Botanic Gardens is strictly for sightseeing. Though the place is conducive for other activities like playing Frisbee or football, cycling, fishing, boating, swimming and roller skating, it should be avoided. If you consider these activities, you will surely be apprehended by the authorities.

8. Bring wheeled transportation except wheel chairs. It is forbidden to bring wheeled transportation such as bicycle and motorcycle. Only wheel chairs are allowed in the park. Do not push your luck. You should be mindful about this.

9. Don’t have picnic on paths. Picnicking is alright if you keep it on the lawns. You should never consider the paths because you are inconveniencing many people.

Tembusu - Fagraea Fragrans at Singapore Botanic Gardens with People

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Hiring a Wedding Live Band

The wedding live band is as important as the wedding cake, wedding dress, wedding caterer and wedding venue. And like all of those, it is also one of the primary details that will surely be remembered by your guests. Was the wedding live music great? Did it send everyone to the dance floor? Or did the band showed up late and blasted off uncensored bad song lyrics? Before you go running away because of total embarrassment, here are 3 important points you should keep in mind to ensure 5-star musical entertainment for your guests in your most precious day.

The Price Tag

Cutting costs for wedding live music can be your biggest wedding planning mistake. Always remember that a professional service comes in a professional price. A band which rates $500 will never be as good as the one which prices $2500. Although you can hire a Singapore wedding live band that costs anything from $300 to $3000, the typical amount a couple devotes on a live band is approximately $1500-$2500. It is considerable to spend as much on wedding entertainment as you would on any other wedding details. Your wedding reception music will be the most important thing to keep the party going and to hold your guests from going home after the whole wedding reception ceremony.

Picking the Pros

Search through the internet for wedding live band Singapore to see lists of professional local live bands around your area. But be careful with self-proclaimed ‘bests’ in the worldwide web. Find out first how ‘best’ they are. How to know? Check their credentials. Make sure the band your eyeing is a member of a musical association. Although it’s not a guarantee of a well-established group, it does ensure you that you will be provided with professional services. A wedding live band singapore booking agency can also be a good source in searching for the right Singapore wedding live band. But don’t just simply take their word, do a little research and ask your reception venue in-charge or your wedding planner if they heard anything about the agency. Another way to check for the band’s credentials is to look for past client’s reviews. This is the most effective and common way of checking a band’s professionalism. Search online or contact a few references, and ask questions about the band’s credibility.

The Contract

All agreements and arrangements between you and your Singapore wedding live band provider should be put into writing. The contract should state all the musicians and singers, band equipment and sound systems that will be needed on the actual performance day. It should also state the cost, the time of the performance, and number of playing hours agreed so that everything goes the way you planned it to be and that there are no unpleasant surprises which could ruin the event. The contract will help cover your bases if something goes wrong. Some other things included in the contract:

  • Name of the band
  • Number of breaks and duration of each break
  • Terms of payment
  • How (by cash or by check) and when will you pay
  • The extra services
  • The cancellation clause
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Best Accounting Software in Singapore

Whether you have just started or are running a small to medium business, you know how important it is to keep the account books up to date in Singapore. It is not just to please the taxmen or to avoid tax penalties for not managing your financial statements; it is all about knowing where your business stands at the moment. You as an owner have a lot more to do than doing accounting as your energies are required in managing the operations of the business as well as to indulge in possible expansion of the business all the time. This is where you have to decide between keeping an accountant to fulfill your requirements or to go in for a Singapore accounting software that would be easy for you to keep track of your accounts with constant updating.  Having a good accounting software and the knowledge to make use of it efficiently liberates you from the need to hire an accountant or book keeper and gives you the liberty to get to your account books anytime, anywhere.

Hiring a book keeper is of course easier as you are free from all responsibilities holding the man responsible for managing your books but can you summon the man when you are on a flight or when you are in a meeting with a potential investor or customer? Now compare this with the ability to just switching on your computers, starting the accounting software system and looking at the figures anytime you want. Whether it is the sale you have made or the amount in your bank account, it is all there for you to see before taking a decision.

There are many accounting software systems around in Singapore. However not all are easy to use. Many a times business owners get frustrated with the difficulty to use the accounting software that they bought that it end up as a white elephant after some time. One of the best accounting software around is called ubs software in Singapore also known as user business software that has achieved top awards for being an easy to use accounting software. UBS software is supported by the #1 accounting software reseller firm in Singapore, Rockbell International Pte Ltd. Rockbell has over 10 support staff just to answer your emails and phone calls when you meet any trouble using UBS accounting software. Keep up to date with your accounts today by considering a good accounting software with excellent support today!

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