Break a Leg

If you are a supporter of the performing arts, there are many theatre companies that you can consider here in Singapore. You are given good choices from international Broadway hits, classics, local and experimental creations. If you are particular about the language, worry no more because there are Chinese, Malay and Tamil languages in store for you.

You can begin by considering the following company:

The Necessary Stage

The Necessary Stage is located in Marine Parade Road. The company is favoured because of its charity works. It was founded by Alvin Tan who dedicated his life in pursuing the artistic boundaries of arts community here in Singapore. With more than 60 original productions and performances overseas, The Necessary Stage is surely the pride of Singapore. You can also visit their website at


Theatreworks is located in Mohammad Sultan Road. The group is highly favoured because of its performances. Singapore and the whole world saw its glory with more than two hundred productions and two thousand five hundred executions. Aside from the group of performing arts, Theatreworks also nurture creative writers. You can also visit their website at

Teater Ekamatra

Theater Ekamatra is located in Cecil Street. The company is dedicated towards the development and expansion of Malay theatre but it does not limit its work in Malay language. The company is proud of its plays that depict equality, cultural pluralism and creative superiority. You can also visit their website at

There you go. Hope you enjoy the plays or shows of the companies mentioned above. Watch out for more performances.