All About Napping

Ideally, an adult needs seven to eight hours of sleep every night. Unfortunately, not all adults get the sleep they need or deserve because of many things happening. Not getting enough sleep for Singaporeans is common. You may think that it is nothing but you will be surprised of its impact on your health. This is where napping comes in.


What are the benefits of napping? Well, for one it can energize you. According to experts, it can also help improve your heart health and more importantly, it can boost your mood. If you want to know more about napping, here are some details:

  • Naps can help you focus: There was a study in 2010 conducted by the University of California-Berkley. The study found out that a group of young adults who were given ninety minute nap performed better in learning exercises than those who did not. The study proved that those who take a nap feel refreshed which can help the group focus. When you are sleepy or groggy, you do not remember things.
  • Naps reduce heart disease: Naps are simple yet its influence is great. It can help reduce the risk of heart disease. People who sleep less than six hours every night are more likely to suffer heart diseases in the long run. If you sleep less than six hours a day, naps are important for its restorative effects. A 45 to 60 minute nap can make a difference.


  • Ideal time to nap: If you visited Spain, you will notice that after lunch, everything seems to shut down for their afternoon siesta. This has a scientific explanation. At around 2pm and 4pm, your body will experience a natural drop in physical and mental energy. You have to be careful though napping late in the afternoon (say 5pm or 6pm).
  • When to see the doctor: Occasional napping for people who do not get enough sleep at night is normal however, for people who get enough sleep and still feel tired and sleepy, that presents a problem. This is the time that you see your doctor.

If you worry that you might not get up on time, you have to make use of your alarm. There are people who only use alarm during night but during midday naps, alarms are valuable too. It will help you ease the anxiety of over sleeping.

Singapore is a busy place that it seems everyone is not sleeping. No matter how busy or hectic your schedule is, sleep should be observed. Let go of other things except sleep or nap.