8 Hours: Singapore What to Do

You have delayed flight because there are some issues that is needed to be fixed in order to have a safe flight. However, Singapore had become your stopover. The bad thing is that the airline announces that you will be stranded in 8 hours.  To avoid boredom touring around the city is recommended. Also, if you are afraid to go outside the airport, Singapore’s Changi airport is one place to tour.




In fact, their airport houses many state-of-the-art facilities that are perfectly designed for the welfare of the country. Aside from that, you airport tour will be complete when you try watching on their television area, Plus, you will have free massage at their airport.

Outside that airport, you can tour around the country and visit first the sandy beaches of Marina Bay Sands. This is a place in which white sands are present. You can also go and visit to Sentosa Island and experience nature. On the other hand, if you want a whole day shopping activity, you can tour around their malls. But what is recommended for foreign visitors are Chinatown and Little India. However, for fun seekers, you may visit Marine Bay Cruise Centre Singapore (MBCCS)


In addition to these exciting areas in the place, you can go at the Universal Studios and experience lots of exciting and fun rides. This is a perfect place for cool adventure seekers and also a place for family bonding. Truly, Singapore is a destination that is worth your stopover. But if you think that your stopover is not enough to tour the city, you can go here anytime you want.