7 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Who wouldn’t like to make their home look more plush and upscale, right? Only problem is we’d like to do it without having to spending a lot of money. Here are seven ways to have a luxurious living space without the usual cost.

Put plants all over the place

Plants instantly transform the atmosphere of any room they’re put in, lending it a calming and refreshing vibe that speaks of comfort. (Even fake plants will do the trick.) Succulents and cacti are trendy today (and has the advantage of needing little care), but other plants like peace lily, bird’s nest fern, and snake plant have the additional benefit of improving air quality.

Update your light fixtures

One of the best way to modernize your home is by upgrading your lights by installing dimmer switches, which you can buy cheap at most hardware stores. For an additional touch of opulence, use modish pendant lamps (or even a refurbished chandelier) as lighting centerpieces for your living room and dining area.

Add antique pieces

Antique furniture and accessories give a sense heritage and pedigree to any room you put them in. Antique doesn’t always equate to something expensive: anything that you find in garage sales that are in good working (or displaying) condition is good enough. Your antique could be a divan or an accent chair, or small items like lamps and mirrors.

Use stylish throw pillows

For your living room, having colorful, artsy throw pillows will create a bon vivant vibe (even if you actually live a quiet and thrifty lifestyle). Placement doesn’t have to be limited to the couch: you can prop them on chairs, or place them at the center of the room in lieu of a coffee table.

Minimize clutter

Clutter makes your home look disorganized and, worse, shabby. So get rid of anything and everything that you don’t use and put items that you seldom use in a place where they won’t be seen – make exceptions of course for beautiful decorative items (but even then only display a few). Go all-out Marie Kondo on your home if you want to get the maximum effect of an expensive-looking home.

Have contrasting elements

A mix of texture and style lends your home a sophisticated energy. If you have a no-nonsense modern style décor, for example, enrich it with a choice traditional painting. Add a Turkish rug to a plain floor, use different fabrics for your throw pillows, use lighting to create light and shaded areas in every room.

Show an appreciation for art

Nothing speaks of culture and an erudite disposition like the ability to appreciate art. Now, you don’t need to display a piece by a master painter, even replicas and thrift store finds will already say that you have a rich taste and improve the look of your home. You can go for a single large statement piece or a series of smaller artworks.