5 Ways to Make Travelling as a Couple a Lot More Fun

You’re probably heard of the saying: “You don’t really know someone until you’ve experienced travelling with them.” Well, this is actually true. Going on a long trip with your special someone is a lot different than just spending time together watching Netflix and playing video games. While this is the time where you get the chance to really know your partner on a different level, it’s also the time where you find new reasons that will make you fall in love with him all over again. So, make your trip more memorable by following these tips.


  1. Dare to Do Extreme Activities. If you’ve watched Chasing Liberty, then you know the scene where Ben (Matthew Goode) and Anna (Mandy Moore) looked so sweet when they bungee jumped off a bridge with their arms around each other. Doing extreme activities is actually a fun way to face your fears together – and it doesn’t necessarily have to be bungee jumping off a bridge or any high place.
  1. Take a Lot of Pictures. It can be candid, cheesy, funny or wacky – taking photos is definitely one of the best ways to capture all your romantic moments. Plus, you can also take a look back at these pictures someday and laugh at all the memories that you’ve created during your trip.
  1. Eat Exotic Foods. Most countries have their own unique dish and trying them can add on the new experiences that you and your significant other have done together. Just be mindful of his food allergies though, if he has one.


  1. Socialize With Other Travellers. Although you’ve only planned a trip for two, mingling with other travellers is also a good thing to do in your trip. Not only will you be able to meet new friends and expand your network, you may even be able to find some travel buddies!
  1. Communicate With Each Other. Understand that your man isn’t a mind reader and unless you express what you want, he really won’t know. Dropping some hints won’t also help. So, if you want to dine at a particular restaurant, just tell him straight up to save yourselves from a potential lover’s quarrel.

Travelling with your special someone is definitely one of the best things that you may experience. Not only will you be able to spend some quality time together, you’ll also be able to get to know him on a much deeper level. So go ahead and start planning your next trip now, and make the most out of it by following the aforementioned tips.