5 Ways to Have a Romantic Holiday Even If You’re Single

Unlike what most popular novels tell us, romance isn’t just about finding Ms. or Mr. Right. Romance is basically about everything that’s surrounding it. Now that the season of all things romance and love is upon us, making Christmas memorable and romantic is possible even for those who haven’t found their better halves yet.


  1. Create an atmosphere of romance in your home.

You come home, turn your Christmas lights on, wrap yourself up in your favourite blanket, and sip a cup of hot chocolate while reading an inspirational book. As you go on reading, the scent of cinnamon crosses your nostrils and then peace starts to surround you.

Creating your own romantic spirit of Christmas is about spoiling yourself with the things you love doing or having. Apart from ultimate relaxation, you can also invite a few friends over for a cup of pumpkin spice latte and watch the fun and romantic Christmas movie The Holiday.

  1. Enjoy the spirit of Christmas.

Enjoying the holiday season is another simple way to have a romantic holiday. Show your family and friends that you care by making them homemade gifts, like cookies or fruitcakes, or send them Christmas cards with a short, sweet message in it.

If you’re willing to do bigger acts of kindness, join a charity for a day—or even for a month if you’re feeling extra generous. Not only will this experience make you feel good for helping others, it’ll also open you up to a bunch of new people who might just become your friends for life.


  1. Take part on all things related with Christmas.

Okay, maybe not everything related with Christmas, but certain things that you enjoy doing like picnics in the park or in your backyard, going on Christmas bazaars and markets, visiting the grannies, shopping for the holidays, or simply walking around your area with a cup of hot chocolate on hand. These simple activities make you feel the spirit of Christmas without the need of having a significant other to hang around with.

  1. Spend quality time with family and friends.

You may not have a Christmas date, but you have your family and friends! Christmas is just the perfect time to get busy spending quality time with your relatives and closest friends. Hang out with your girlfriends at your favourite spa or host a slumber party at home. You can also organize your own Christmas party with a theme that can be as sophisticated as a holiday ball to as simple as a hot chocolate party with a few games.

  1. Get into the Christmas spirit.

Aside from decorating your home and catching up with friends, watching movies or reading novels that have a Christmas-y feel to them is another simple and relaxing way get into the Christmas vibe. Find one or two gems among the unrealistic and all-too-cheesy reads.

A romantic Christmas isn’t just about having a date—it’s also about spreading and sharing love with all the important people in your life. So light up the candles, bake gingerbread cookies, enjoy the Christmas bazaars and sales with friends, and spoil yourself with all the romance that the holiday season has to offer.