10 Must-Know Lipstick Commandments for Women

Is it an everyday struggle for you to get those perfect lips? Don’t be stressed out anymore, as here some the 10 lipstick commandments that every Singapore woman should know and do.


1.       Start with clean lips. The first step to achieving perfect lips is to always start with a clean, fresh lips. Moisturize your lips using your favourite lip balm and exfoliate them at least twice a week to rid them of dry and dead skin cells.

2.       Outline using a lip liner. Make your lipstick application easier by using a lip liner to outline your lips first. This will prevent your lipstick from seeping into the fine lines below, or above your lips.

3.       Test out lipstick formulas. Different kinds of lipstick suits different types of skin complexion, which is why most Singapore makeup artist suggest trying out and experimenting on different lipstick formulas and manufacturers. Try out long-lasting, matte, or creamy lipsticks, and decide on which suits you best.

4.       Avoid too much glitter. Lipsticks that have too much glitter, or shimmer, don’t always look and work well. So opt for lipsticks that uses their creaminess to reflect the light naturally, as they look and work a lot better.

5.       Don’t go too dark. Although black and blue lipsticks are gaining much popularity today, it’s better to stick to the traditional lipstick colours. Aside from looking scary, dark lipsticks look unnatural and also adds up years on your look.


6.       Start applying in the middle, then outwards. To avoid that clown-like lipstick look, apply your lipstick in the middle of your lips first, and gradually work your way outwards by blending it using your fingers.

7.       Don’t overdo it. Yes, bold lipstick looks stunning, but for a less dramatic look, apply your lipstick on your bottom lip only, then lightly press your lips together, and start blending using your fingers.

8.       Go for nude lipstick. Lipsticks don’t necessarily need to be bright red, since nude colours could look great too. One trick to choose the best nude lipstick is to go for shades that are slightly brighter or deeper than your lips natural colour. This shade will give your lips the contrast it needs to look great.

9.       Don’t settle for bargain lipsticks. Lipsticks are one the cosmetic products that you shouldn’t be cheap on. Cheap lipsticks don’t last long, and often contain chemicals that you surely wouldn’t want to put on your lips.

10.   Blot it. After applying your first coat, blot your lipstick with a clean facial tissue, then apply your second coating. Doing this will make it last longer and look a lot better.

Getting that perfect lips has now become easier with these tips. So go ahead, put your favourite lipstick on and show your best pout to the people around you.