10 Essential Qualities of a Good Electrician

At some point, your property will need a contractor to handle its electrical system. Whether it is a residential or commercial building, it is never advisable to handle the electrical works yourself or entrust it to non-professionals as it could easily cause accidents or start a fire.


If you have never hired an electrician before, you’re probably clueless about how to go look for a reliable one. To start with, here are the essential qualities of a good electrician.

1. Good Reputation

It is very important to check the reputation in Singapore when looking for an electrician. An electrical expert with good reputation is known to provide quality services for a long time. You are likely to get good services when working with someone who has a record of consistently providing great quality of work. Contractors who have earned their spot in the industry will never want to destroy their name by providing poor services to their clients.

2. Certification and License

A good contractor has all the certifications and licenses required by the city-state and his profession. This is to prove that the electrician has undergone the necessary trainings and exams to pass a certain standard. Make sure to ask for this proof of their website listing, for example, like those of http://www.taizhe.sg/ in Singapore when meeting an electrician for the first time. If a contractor can’t show you his licensure, you’re better off working with someone you know you can trust.

3. Trained and Experienced

It is critical that your electrician has undergone necessary training and sufficient amount of experience under their belt. Always remember that it is your property—one of your major investments—that’s at stake here, so make sure they have experience in handling the particular job you have. Your Singapore electrician should be able to expertly navigate through the job, provide and explain the solution, or simply fix the issue like new.

4. Insured

An insured electrician will give you a degree of protection in case of accident, damage, or loss of property, so make sure to ask about their insurance prior to hiring them. If an electrician is not doesn’t have insurance, then you can’t expect any reimbursement in case of unfortunate circumstances that may happen during the process.

5. Honest and Straightforward

A reliable electrical expert is an honest person. He will give you a realistic estimate of how long the job will take to complete. He is straightforward and will honestly tell you about his ability to get the job done. The last thing you want is to waste your money on someone who has never had the ability to finish the project in the first place.


6. Prioritizes Safety

Doing electrical works can cause injuries if safety precautions are not practiced. A qualified electrician painstakingly ensures that they do not cause any harm or damage while doing the job. They make use of the right equipment, wear the right safety gears, and follow precautionary measures when doing a project. If the electrician you’re meeting showing up looking disorganized, this could be a red flag that they do not prioritize safety.

7. Reasonable Pricing

Instead of settling for the first contractor, contact several electrical experts in Singapore and ask for an estimate of the work that needs to be done. By getting different estimations from different electricians, you’ll get an idea of the price range of your electrical project and be able to compare the cost of each contractor’s services. But also make sure that the estimation outlines the work that needs to be done along with their respective cost. Do not disregard this as this is the only way you can be fully aware whether you are priced the right way.

8. Quality Service

With almost any service, you will get what you pay for; this goes the same with electrician services. As much as possible, avoid electrical contractors who offer products and services for cheap prices. You may be saving a few dollars, but you can’t expect thorough work with results that will last for a long time. If you want to ensure quality and avoid future electrical issues that may jeopardize your and your property’s safety, invest on a quality electrician services.

9. Available Anytime

Unfortunately, this quality is often overlooked by many, but a reliable electrician should be able to provide their services during emergencies. Look for a licensed electrician that offers 24/7 service in case of problems that may arise in inconvenient times. During an interview, do not forget to ask whether they can provide assistance in case of emergency in the middle or wee hours of the night. It’s important to know that you have someone to call to in case of unforeseen circumstances.

10. Uses the Right Equipment

Another important quality to look for in an electrical expert in Singapore is whether they use the right equipment. Ask about the equipment they use and how they use it to your advantage. The right technology and gears can be used to quickly determine issues or evaluate the situation of your electrical system before proceeding with the job. However, there are also some circumstances that new technologies might not work for a specific situation. That is why you need a knowledgeable and experience electrician for the best and most appropriate solution for your electrical works.

Choosing the right electrical contractor is a crucial part of maintaining your property. Take time to research and make sure the professional you choose has the qualified traits to efficiently complete your project.