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How to Improve Your Pre-Workout Meals

When it comes to our workout snacks, we tend to be too concerned with our post-workout meals that we forget about pre-workout snacks. Remember that our pre-workout meal is as important as our post-workout meal, since it is what fuels our body before working out. Without enough fuel, your workouts won’t be as intense or productive as they should be. That said, we’ve listed down some tips on how you can improve your pre-workout snacking – and ultimately, your workout routine.


  1. Eat Your Meal 30 to 90 Minutes Before Exercising

An easy way to improve your pre-workout snacking is to eat your meal 30 to 90 minutes before your workout session. This meal will serve as your body’s much needed fuel during your workout. If you’re going to have a larger meal, wait the full 90 minutes; a 30-minute gap is already enough if you’ll just be eating a small snack. You can choose to eat farther or closer to your workout time depending on your stomach sensitivity.After all, you wouldn’t want to start your workout session when you’re feeling bloated and full.

  1. Go for Proper Snack Bars

Consuming nutritious snacks that are high in fibre and protein will keep your full in between meals and control your hunger pre-workout. So make sure that you keep one or two nut or granola bars ready to help you stop over-indulging on a snack or meal that’s too sugary or carb-heavy.

  1. Keep Your Fibre Intake as Low as Possible

Consuming a good amount of fibre on a daily basis is important, but it is not ideal as a pre-workout snack because it tends to slow down digestion – and a slower digestion can be counterproductive for getting the vital nutrients to your muscles.


  1. Consume a Good Amount of Protein

Consuming a good amount of protein will provide your system with the essential amino acids necessary for your muscles to repair and rebuild itself. Filling your body with these building blocks before exercising will keep your muscles from breaking down.

  1. Figure Out What Works for You

An ideal pre-workout snack is something that’s easy to make and is a good source of protein and fibre. Sadly, it isn’t that easy to come by. That said, test out different pre-workout snack options – rich in protein, high in fibre and healthy fats – and see what will work for you and your workout routine.

Planning out your pre-workout snack is as important as effectively preparing for your post-workout meal. So put the aforementioned tips to help you improve both your pre-workout snacks and workout routine as a whole.


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Fun Workout Ideas during Your Pregnancy Stage

Working out serves as a powerful tool for keeping you healthy and strong, especially during the nine months of your pregnancy. It aids in relieving body aches, easing labour pain and getting you back in shape faster. Still, it can be quite overwhelming to try workout routines that are doable and safe during pregnancy. While it’s crucial to inform your doctor about your fitness activities first, here are some fun starting exercises that an expectant mom like you can do.


  1. Walking

Hormones got you feeling down? Then boost your mood and reduce your stress levels by taking a leisurely stroll. Walking will also help in preparing your baby for delivery and in easing contraction pains as you progress into the last phase of your pregnancy.

  1. Running

You might not want to choose a running routine given your current situation, but if you used to run before getting pregnant, then you should still be able to do this exercise without any problem. Just make sure that you scale back your previous routine and avoid running on trails that may cause you to fall or trip. Also, avoid running during an extremely hot weather as it might overheat your body and affect your baby’s development.

  1. Swimming

Swimming is a perfect form of exercise to ease the pain and stress of carrying extra weight around your belly area. The water’s buoyancy will help in relieving some pressure off your body, while working it all at once. Although some worry that the chemicals used in pool water could cause some health problems, a study found that women who swam in chlorinated pools experienced lesser pregnancy complications than those who swam in the un-chlorinated water.


  1. Prenatal Aerobics

Another great and safe way to get your heart pumping while you’re pregnant is to engage in prenatal aerobics. A regular aerobics class is also a great option for some, since it’s easy to lower its intensity and you’ll likely stay upright most of the time. As much as possible, avoid classes that require quick step changes or too much coordination, and just play it safe by doing marching or walking routines instead of jumping.

  1. Prenatal Yoga

Yoga works by calming the body and mind – perfect for pregnant women with a whole lot going on. Apart from the relaxing feeling it gives, prenatal yoga has also been shown to help in maintaining flexibility and strength in pregnant women. The key is to enrol in a prenatal-specific yoga class, where the instructors will tune in to your specific needs. If you can’t seem to find such yoga class, try practicing pregnancy-safe yoga routines at home using some prenatal yoga instructional videos.

Exercising is a crucial part of staying healthy while you’re pregnant. So start performing any of these workout routines now to ensure that both your and your baby’s health is its best state.

Close-up of pregnant woman meditating while sitting in lotus position

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Taking Care of Your Sexual Health

For many people, the topic of sex is highly personal and they think it’s best not to talk about it. However, modern institutions, which include the World Health Organization (WHO), consider formal discussions about sex and sexual health essential in today’s world. From concerns on how to have more enjoyable sex to more serious health issues such as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), many things are under the broad topic of sexual health.


If you are sexually active, the more it is important to visit a GP clinic and talk to a Singapore healthcare professional about sexual health check-ups and health issues you may have in mind.

What is a sexual health check-up?

A sexual health check-up is an examination done by a doctor to find out whether you have sexual health problems, like sexually transmitted disease. During the check-up, the doctor gives you a physical exam and inquires about your sexual activities and behaviours. You will be encouraged to raise questions and concerns during a check-up.

Who performs the check-up?

A sexual health check-up is performed only by professional healthcare providers, but the exact physician depends on where you go for your check-up. You may see a doctor or a nurse when you go to a community health centre or a family GP clinic. If you intend on go for anonymous hiv testing at M Lam clinic in Singapore there may also be another professional who will perform the test on you. If it entails collecting of blood sample or a swab, it is usually the nurse who will attend to you.

Who needs a sexual health check-up?

Every sexually active individual needs to be checked regularly. How often and when you need to have the check-ups depend on your sexual activities and lifestyle. If you have not had a sexual health check-up and STD screening before, now is the best time to do so, especially if any of the following applies to you:

• If you have had unsafe sex, whether it’s vaginal, anal, or oral
• If you suspect you have STD
• If you are in an open relationship (you and your partner agree to engage other people)
• If you are with a new partner
• If your partner had previous partners before you
• If you have shared injecting tools, like syringes and needles.

What happens in a sexual health check-up?

A check-up usually begins with a discussion about your sexual history and practices. Expect your Singapore healthcare provider to ask you personal questions, such as:

• What kinds of sexual activities you have engaged in?
• How many sexual partners you have had?
• Do you experience any symptoms or do you suspect you have STD?
• Have you tried injected drugs or sharing needles?
• Do you have piercings or tattoos?

Answering some of these questions may make you feel uncomfortable. However, keep in mind that if you do not answer the questions honestly, your health care provider would not be able to order accurate tests for you, which could seriously affect your health. Take not that some infections can lead to long-term health complications if they are not treated properly.

In the examination, with your consent, your genital might have to be examined. A series of test might be conducted, including:

• Urine and/or blood test

• Swabs, where a culture sample from the genital area will be taken and examined thoroughly under a microscope. The doctor may sometimes order to take extra swabs from the anus or throat for further examination

• In women’s health clinic, patients undergo vaginal examination, like Pap smear. Women who are sexually active should regularly have this examination. Talk to your healthcare provider how often to have this test.

• In men’s health clinic, the doctor will physically examine the penis and the scrotum for any irregular lumps and bumps.


When your STD screening test appears positive, you might want to consider telling your previous partners about it, so they can also get their own HIV testing or any STD tests and get the appropriate treatment if necessary.

How Can You Get Infected?

STD-causing bacteria and viruses are transmitted through skin-to-skin contact or through exchange of body fluids. If you do not practice safe sex, such as using condoms, you are at high risk of catching an infection.

Likewise, having lots of sex partners increases your chances of getting n infection. People who have sex, with different partners are more at risk than those who stay with the same partner. However, even if you and your partner have been together for years but neither of you have been tested, it will not save you from contracting an infection. Make sure that both of you are negative of any infection by getting tested.

How to protect yourself against sexual health issues?

Sex should be a pleasurable experience for partners, but it can also pose a great risk if the people who engage in it are not careful. STDs can be worrisome, painful, have serious long-term effects (such as infertility), and can even be fatal. Here’s what you can do to guard your health against infections.

• Identifying the Infection: Know the signs and symptoms of various STDs, as well as the possible effects of infections. This helps you understand how important it is to get tested and treated right away.

• Taking STD Tests: STD and HIV testing is a critical part of a sexual health plan. Finding out whether you are positive of an STD enables you to start a treatment immediately, which gives you a better chance of curing the disease.

• Take Preventive Care: Taking the necessary precautions help prevent the spread of infection or helps you avoid catching an infection. Use barriers such as condoms and dental dams to avoid direct skin-to-skin contact and the risk of getting infected.

It’s normal to feel uncomfortable or even embarrassed when discussing your sexual practices with a stranger, but a healthcare professional should be able to make you feel at ease. If your doctor or nurse seems pushy or if they make you feel uncomfortable to the point of feeling ashamed, you have all the right to look for another women’s health clinic or men’s health clinic.


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How Environmental Degradation Contributes To Humanity’s Depression

As the world ages faster and is moving towards modernization, the environment is being compromised which now leads to a worsening condition of humanity. As we are gearing towards economic and commercial progress, the more we experience varied forms and incidences of environment-related catastrophe and sickness. Can this be already an alarm that everyone should already wake up form this deep slumber to be stewards of our mother nature? Before we provide with long term solutions, let us take a look at these aspects and points on how indeed, the deterioration of the environment destroys humanity per se.


  1. Environmental change is a threat to human health

As we are approaching the end of the decade, more sickness and epidemics are coming out. All from varied causes, mostly are pollution-related like polluted drinking water and smoke-filled houses and streets. According to the former director-general of World Health Organization, these illnesses can take away the life of a jumbo jet full of children every 30 minutes. That observation can only imply the immense effects of pollution to human health, which are, miserably, fatal.

  1. Worsening environment issues can put an end to the place we live in

You know how vital this blue planet in our existence is as human beings, for without this, life can never be conceivable. These times, all of us have been witnesses to most horrible incidences of natural calamities like typhoons, hurricanes, earthquakes, interminable flooding, as well as drought. Well, these all point to what we now have as “global warming.” When this will remain unsolved, then let us not hope for a longer existence of life here on earth.en-ce2

  1. Animals and other living organisms are critically affected

Like us humans, animals have this planet only as their permanent habitat. If in just a click of a second, this dwelling place suddenly exterminates, do you think, there can still be such things as “living organisms”? The depletion of ozone layer due to global warming directly affects these living organisms because of intense heat. Moreover, the forest, their natural habitat, is also affected. Because of prevalence of cutting of trees, also illegal logging and transforming this area into commercial lands can result to the extinction of these animals as they depend their survival on forest alone.

Life, as they say should be moving forward. It is good that developments and modernization are evident in the society nowadays, no issues with that. Only that, as we are heading towards progress, we should not miss out our accountabilities to still act as the stewards of nature. This should be in parallel relationship and direction. As we sail towards development, the environment should not also lose its presence; hence its essence. There is still time, we can still see a light of hope up there.


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Tips for Good Writing


There is a writer in all of us. Thus, in schools, we are taught and encouraged to write essays. This is a good way of expressing emotions while polishing the grammar and sentence construction along the way. This further develops our communication skills, enabling us to be more confident as we go on with our daily lives, dealing with different people – inside and outside our circle.


Social media has also been promoting people to write. In this manner, people are constantly informed and updated with the happenings in the locality. Being a good writer does not happen overnight. Like any other things, constant practice makes perfect. If you are a budding writer and do not know where to actually start, here are the tips to be followed for good writing:

  1. Write down your thoughts

Do this whether in your journal or in your laptop or in a piece of paper. There will be moments when you will suddenly feel inspired to write. Some ordinary things become extraordinary when a writer is inspired. Don’t let the moment just pass you by. As the old saying goes, “Strike while the iron is hot”. Unleash the writer in you. Chances are, the inner writer in you is just there all along, waiting to be discovered.

  1. Read a lot

When one makes it a habit to read books, writing comes naturally easy. Reading books in these modern times is convenient as one can opt to read soft copies – sparing one the burden of carrying heavy books! When you expand your knowledge through reading, you will also expand your horizons on writing. Unfamiliar words can always be taken in context. Apart from enriching your vocabulary, you can take interest in the different writing styles you encounter. From these, you can innovate and do the style you are good and comfortable with.


  1. Appreciate

When you surround your life with positivity, all the more that you will have the passion to write. Be curious and observant. Learn how to appreciate the little things that you often pay less attention to. Be appreciative of things and moments. This perspective will not only aid you in writing but will also develop in you a good outlook in life in general.

Writing is a wonderful form of distressing. It makes you express emotions and simultaneously serves as a tool in making treasured memories. Like any other passion, writing will be easy once your heart is all set to do it.


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Small Business’ Guide for Optimum Email Security

It comes as no surprise that email is among the primary means for hackers to gain access to sensitive business data, and small businesses are particularly vulnerable for such tactics.


Fortunately, there are ways to ensure your Singapore business runs a fully-protected email system. Since your computer security is just one part of the equation, getting your employees involved strengthens even more the overall security you have in your IT infrastructure. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Create a Cyber-Security Plan

Make it a priority to create a security plan for your tech system. This should involve more than just considering how to keep your email service secure, but also coming up with strategies for keeping your website, payment data, and other information safe.

2. Consider Email Encryption

Encrypting your email protects your personal information from hackers by only allowing certain users to access your emails. There are numerous methods of email encryption depending on the security level you need. One example is to download software from an IT services company that will plug in to your email program, such as Microsoft Outlook. Another one is to install an email certificate, allowing employees to share a public password with people who want to send them emails and use a private password to decrypt received emails.

3. Develop an Email Retention Policy

Create a policy that will require your employees to delete non-business-related emails. Many Singapore companies allocate 60 to 90 days before an email is automatically and permanently deleted from the system. Many know that Dynatech awarded as technology expert in Singapore due to its high level of quality services and you can consider engaging them for your internal infrastructure. However, remembering to purge emails that don’t comply with the standards can be difficult for some workers, so you may need to do frequent reminders.

4. Make Sure Passwords and Secure

Every employee should have their own passwords for their email system and computer unit, which should be changed every three months and must be of the strongest strength. A strong password must consist of 12 characters and a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols; and should not be something obvious like birthdays and names, but one that’s memorable.


5. Train Employees in Email Security

Employees play an integral role in keeping your business’ email system secure. They should know what types of actions and emails to avoid. Unfortunately, many companies take this part for granted and spend less than one percent of their security budget on programs that educates employees on how to spot and react to security threats. Don’t put your business at risk, and take step of training your employees for a more hack-proof email system.

6. Implement Strict Standards for Mobile Device Usage

Any usage of mobile device for company-related purposes must be filtered and should strictly follow security policy. When using a personal or company-issued mobile device where you send and receive emails, everyone should encrypt data and install an approved security app so malwares cannot penetrate the system.

7. Avoid Common Pitfalls

Other than the aforementioned things, email can still be prone to hackers and intruders in other ways as well. Be sure to take care of the following, alongside the tips given.

• All computers—not just some—should utilize email encryption. It’s useless to encrypt emails in one computer unless the same standard runs across the entire network.
• Unlocked devices should never be left unattended. Include in your company policy to keep computers lock, which should ask for password at login, before leaving their desks.

Creating the right policy and having the right people around to help you implement better security policy will eliminate a lot of IT issues before they could actually happen. Get your employees involved and talk to a service provider for the right IT services and solutions to integrate to your system. The right IT services helps a lot in malware-proofing your emails and, thus, improve your business’ overall performance.


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Tips for Currency Trading

Currency trading attracts a lot of individuals but it’s not really for everyone. This financial venture does not promise an overnight success but rather reward those who show tremendous patience and discipline in the trading world. The market is perceived by many as a double-edged sword that promises huge payoff but can also easily wipe away all your investments in a flash. There’s really no secret formula to successful currency trading. Singaporeans who have seen success in their trading ventures can vouch for this fact. If you really want to join the world of currency trading, then here are some tips to give you a head start:


Be a Keen Observer of the World

To be successful in the world of currency trading entails a lot of skills and knowledge in Fundamental Analysis. This market approach says that you should pay particular attention to the macroeconomic, geopolitical issues, or just about anything that concerns the traded currency pairs. Having a clear big picture will help you make calculated trading forecasts.

Learn to Read Charts

Learning to read and interpret charts is an essential skill to a successful trader. When it comes to currency trading, you’ll be using a lot of trading charts to help you identify market trends and patterns or any semblance from a historical market data. This skill is used in making Technical Analysis which is another type of market approach. Traders believe that mastering these market charts will pave the way to their trading success.


Apply Automated Trading Setups

Your best friend in the world of currency trading would be some automated trading setups that will help you save a lot of time and effort. This can be in a form of money management strategy or simply a risk control management. Either way, you need to religiously follow whatever carefully planned strategy or setup you have thought of beforehand no matter the trend of the current trading world.

Get a Reliable Forex Broker

Getting a reliable Forex broker will help you achieve that extra mile as a currency trader. You need to work with a licensed, duly regulated, financially solvent Forex broker that can provide you competitive deals, real-time quotes, fast and accurate execution of trade orders, and a lot of trading essentials. This is why you simply can’t do without a reliable Forex broker on your side.

Be an Objective and Disciplined Trader

Just like other successful currency traders, you need to be an objective and disciplined trader yourself. You need to overcome negative trading attitudes that are only disadvantageous for you and serve as most common pitfalls among the unsuccessful ones.


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Tips for Effective Communication in the Family


Keeping an effective communication is important for any happy and well-balanced Singaporean family. One shouldn’t think of communication as just verbal exchange. Communication includes other means such as through physical expressions, gestures, and even one’s facial expressions. Effectively communicating lets every members of the family know how much they are loved, respected, and cared. It is also through good communication that every member would be able to express their needs, wants, and desires. Ineffective communication can wreck havoc to peace and even hurt a loved one’s emotion. Here are some tips for effective communication in the family:


Prioritize preference over a set of rules and regulations

Your home should be each family member’s sanctuary where they can freely express themselves knowing that they will be loved and accepted for who they are instead of criticized and humiliated. It is then important to create an environment where the members of the family can communicate their thoughts and preferences. Your communication should be centered on this and not merely on correcting a behavior and strictly implementing house rules.

Use positive words

Observe positive words and means of communicating with family members. You should make it a point to rule out the use of sarcasm, negative comments, ridicule, and humiliating remarks in the four corners of your home. This would create a positive healthy environment as well as build up positive, confident, and supportive individuals in your family.

Woman and young girl in kitchen with laptop and paperwork smilin

Use other means of expression

Utilize other means of expressing yourself by using other mediums of communication. Bear in mind that love has different languages such as words, touch, quality time, gift, and service. You’ll build a happy and well-balanced family life if you make use of these different love languages as much as possible at home. Be there for your family members. Show affection by hugging and kissing. Give surprise gifts no matter how small it may be. Do acts of kindness for loved ones.

Be clear with what you mean

Miscommunication is when you’re misinterpreted because you were not able to be clear and precise with what you meant. Remember that you can say anything you want as long as you say it with respect. Most of the times it’s not really what you say but it’s how you say it, too. So make sure that you’re able to express yourself in a gentle loving manner while clearly being clear and precise.


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Cusco’s Hidden Wonders  


If you want to travel, there are many places worth the time and effort but it is always good to visit ancient sites. Visiting ancient sites where empires once stood and witnessing how it still stand so strong and proud today will bring a different kind of feeling. There’s the Khmer Empire in Cambodia for a start. If you have been there, it is time that you consider Machu Picchu in Cusco, Peru.


So you decided to travel in Peru and witness the famous Inca site. Machu Picchu was built in 1450 at the pinnacle of Inca Empire. The construction is breath taking but it was abandoned one hundred years later because of the Spanish conquest. Machu Picchu features dramatic site and remarkable workmanship. This is the reason why many tourists seek it. The Inca capital is Cusco.

Once you get to Cusco, there is more to it than ruins. Machu Picchu is the highlight but when you are there, make sure that you also visit other attractions. Here are some attractions worth the visit:

  • Cathedral: Cusco is made famous because of the discovery of the ruins. If you are in the capital, make an effort to visit the Cusco Cathedral. The cathedral is in fact a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will be amazed of its richness – the altar is made of nine hundred pounds silver. Imagine that.
  • Lake Piuray: There is nothing more satisfying than a serene environment. If you are into kayaking, Lake Piuray offers so much more. The lake is located at eleven thousand feet. Before kayaking, the guides will encourage yoga sessions.
  • San Pedro Market: When you are in a new place, it is a must to sample their local and diverse food. Spending a morning at San Pedro Market can give you a taste of Cusco from vegetables to fruits. If you want, you can buy handmade crafts and other souvenirs. This is really immersing yourself in the culture.


  • Ollantaytambo: Ollantaytambo is one of Cusco’s towns. It is famous because it is an archaeological site and before heading to Machu Picchu, everyone explores the place. It is nestled in the Sacred Valley – where many Incans farmed. It is also known as the royal estate. You can have a pit stop here and take your time because the stairs are astounding and magnificent as they are.
  • Inca terraces: You can also visit the circular terraces. The terraces are in fact, one of Cusco’s most unique archaeological attractions.
  • Parador de Moray: Looking for restaurant is easy. Head to Parador de Moray and you’ll be delighted. The restaurant will serve you authentic cuisines. You will have enough food there.

Cusco is more than Machu Picchu. There are other hidden wonders that you can explore there. The most important thing is you enjoyed your travel and you immersed yourself in their culture. As much as possible, get guides so you will have background and they can explain everything. Before heading out, make sure that you arranged your trip from the accommodation, visa processing (if you need one) and tickets. Good luck on your travel!


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Fun Things to Do on a Rainy Day in a Mixed Development


Mixed developments are Singapore’s outstanding projects where good entertainment and home life can be found. These projects are venues where investors grow their commercial and home property assets.


Of course, you’ll only want nice and happy things in your life as a mixed development property owner. Don’t lose hope in having wonderful things to do on a rainy day. Whether you’re a commercial or home investor, unlimited joy is waiting for you rain or shine in a mixed development complex.

  1. Eat or drink something warm. While it’s raining, eat or drink something warm without traveling far away. Stop by a café that is near your condo home. Take a sip of sweet vanilla latte while relaxing. It is also good to stop by an eatery for a bowl of oatmeal for your breakfast. Stay in positive mood always, even if you need to be indoor for a day in a mixed development.


  1. Have family bonding moments in a function room. Get your happy family bonding moments in a residential mixed development function room. If you’ll be one of the future mixed development investors, you never have to be bored to be dry. A rainy day calls for the rare jolly smiles with your family and friends in a warm in-house function room facility.


  1. See your favourite movie in a living room. Time flies by fast while your favourite movie is playing in your condo mixed development living room. When the rain gives you no choice but to stay at home, you never want to be unproductive. Having your favourite movie play at home improves your creativity. You will have the energy to do more things for the rest of the rainy day after the movie marathon.


  1. Watch movies at the cineplex. It’s always good to spend time outside your home from every now and then. A rainy day is the best day for you to enjoy good movies at the mixed development’s cineplex, as well. See a movie outside your home without getting wet at the commercial complex’s cinema houses. Movie viewing at the mall energises everybody on a lazy rainy day.


  1. Go shopping at the connecting mall. Buy great things at a mall connected to your mixed development home. You won’t get wet from the rain on your way to the mall from your condo.


  1. Do yoga inside the mixed development. Doing yoga makes your mind feel fresh and new, even if raining makes you feel sad. Walk a few steps out of your condo unto a separate area. Give your body exercises it needs to feel strong on a wet day at your mixed development yoga room. Mixed developments bring home excellent perks to you, in greatest imaginable ways. Get tastes of life in the city to see only nothing but pleasant milestones.


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